Christian Mother’s Day Wishes, Prayers & Religious Messages

Mother is the art of God’s beauty. For her love from God, wish her religious mother’s day from the core of your heart. Writing for blessings from God can enrich her life with happiness. Mothers’ hearts are made of pure love of God. Celebrating her with religious wishes moves your hearts to God. And make you able to thank God for such a blessing. Greetings full of pious spiritual wishes give your mothers cheerful blessings. 

We are ready to help you in this regard. Look down the countless religious wishes for your mothers. 

What do you write in a religious Mother's Day card?

Write mother’s day wishes with prayer of God’s blessings and love for her. Here is a collection of the best religious and spiritual prayers for your mother. Wish your mother mother’s day in a religious way to keep her in the blessings of God. 

Wishes with kind and generous religious prayers are designed for your mothers.

Religious Mother's Day Wishes

  • My Holy mother, you are enclosed in the cloth of dignity and courage. You are a role model for me. I love you more than you could ever imagine. Happy mother’s day to you. 

  • God bless me by sending in your womb. You are a charm of God love. I wish that he will always bless you with a happy life. 

  • You are the sign of God’s existence. Your love has powers by heart with Jesus’ love. You are beautiful inside and outside. I have learnt to be kind, polite and friendly to the People. 

  • Dear mom, you have instructed me on the path of God in the best way. You are the connection between me and God. Thank you for raising me to the path of God. I pray that angels protect you for today and always. Happy Mother’s day. 

  • In the time of disheartening I feel confident because I know you are with me to give me the best intellectual guidance and support. You take me to the path where I should be. So thanks to you for giving me Christian faith from my birth and giving me the sense to say God. I love you fabulously. Warm greetings for you. 

  • I couldn’t be such a great person today if you were not my mother. Your non jealous, patient, calm and kind love make me this loving and humble person. You never give up in working for me nor distracted from the path of righteousness. For all your efforts I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. I love you most. Stay blessed with the golden blessings of God.

  • You are the only one who stays by my side in tears and in laughter, in grief and in happiness, in morning and in night. Thank you for teaching me from the little me to my teenage years. You are a super brilliant mother. I want to celebrate you not only today but each and every day of my life. Happy Mother’s day. 

  • I feel special for every second because God bless me with you as my mother. Happy to have you at the time of laughing, at the time of cry and support. May God give you unlimited grace on mother’s day. 

  • Happy mother’s day my beloved  mom. On this mother’s day I wish that God always keeps her good blessings with you and keep yourself close to himself. You done too much for me to my all life. You open your mouth with pretty words of God and give kindness with your tongue. You are so graceful. I love you to the moon and the back. 

  • As the time passes by, I admire you more and more for your wisdom and strength. Thanks to God for an incredible mom. Best regards from my side on mother’s day. 

  • Happy mother’s day my mom. You are nearer to God for being a good mother. May he bless you with his serenity and fruitful pleasures to life. You are a marvelous mother and a confident friend. 

Beautiful Christian Mother's Day Messages

  • My support system, thank you for supporting me, and raising me in the eye of the Lord. You always know how to remove sorrows and give me a big smile. I love you in the way you love me. Happy Mother’s day. 

  • Mother’s day blessings for my mother. Motherhood is not as easy as it might seem. But the beautiful soul of you, you have made it easy. Let’s have a partyful Mother’s day. 

  • My mother, you have raised me with true faith and kindest religion. It’s you who let me speak the word God and fulfill my heart with his love. Thank you for making my life and death beautiful on this day. Happy Mother’s day.

  • Among all creations of God, mothers are most important. Because she ran the faith to generations. I thank you for that you have done for me and that you have given to my heart. Happy mother’s day to you. 

  • Centuries and years will change but you will remain the same. Mother like you is always constant. I always celebrate the memories with you. That’s the smallest way to present my endeavors to you. 

  • I pray cherish blessing for you on mother’s day. You are a strong mother. And for me you are brightest star more than the sun. The bright rays of you show us right path. May the Lord always put his kind vision over you. 

  • My kind mother. I don’t know how to express my love to you. It’s much deeper than any sea in the world and much higher than the skies above. Happy mother’s day to you. 

Religious Mother's Day Messages

  • My beloved mother, I can’t do much for you as you did for me. What I can do the best for you is to knee down myself in front of Jesus and request him to give you much joy and happiness every day. May he bless you with the comfort that you give me. 

  • My dear mother, you will be loved forever. You are the continuous source of pleasure. God is definitely happy with you so he has given you such a happy mother’s day.

  • Dear mother, always keep in mind that you will always be in the special corner of my heart. Whatever the circumstances will. Wherever I will be. I will always be in your heart and keep you in my heart. You are the shadow of God. Whenever I will remind God I will feel you in myself. 

  • I will forever appreciate your hard work for us. And keep by your side. Happy mother’s day to you. I want to have the most precious delightful memories with you on this day.

  • May God bless you every day within every step and every breath. Congratulating you with love of God. 
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Happy Mother's Day Wishes and Prayers

  • Today is mother’s day. The day of devotion to mothers. But I devote my life to you, my dearest mom. Today I promise you to make every moment of every day a blessing for you and will make blissful memories of you.


  • Hello mom! My love for you is unexplainable. It’s beyond the universe. May you have a happy, healthy life and peaceful days.


  • On the holy occasion of mother’s day. May Lord took his special favour upon you. And fills you with holy spirit. 

  • I pray to God to have his pleasant mercy upon you. You are an emotionally and faithfully strong person. Your pious presence moves our deeds to God. Happy mother’s day to you. I am always with you .


  • Thank you for guiding me on my religious and spiritual journey. Thank you for making me able to keep the religious beliefs before the temporary world. Thanks for moving us to the Lord. Oh my mother, only you can do this because you want to see us on a righteous path.


  • My dear mother. Whenever I stand in front of the Lord I always think of you. I always pray for you. May God keep you close to him and keep blessing you with his best love.  

Christian Wishes for Mother's Day

  • Just as a guarding angel you move me to God’s love. You help me with eternal love. Happy mother’s day to the angel of God.

  • My mother took me to the world of virtues. Guide me to adapt empathy and faith and togetherness in relations.

  • On mother’s day I want to tell something to my mother. That how much I appreciate you for your deeds and struggle wouldn’t me enough to praise you. Only God can appreciate your strength that you serve for your children. Always be happy and healthy. May God make us able to serve you in the way you are doing us. 

  • Spiritual soul and beautiful words are the ornaments of a mother. A mother puts her all effort into molding her child to God. This is only the glory of mother to do so. 

  • I think nothing is more powerful than truthful prayers of a noble mother. May God keep the shadow of such prayers upon us and bless our mothers with greetings from heaven.

  • I am thankful for the spiritual rays which radiate from the unfading beauty of my mother. That takes me into the love of God. My mother, you are so precious for me. You are the source of relationship to God.