Privacy Policy


The purpose of our privacy policy is to make our visitors aware of the user information that we tend to collect and for what purpose the collected information is used.

The privacy policy statement also makes it evident that EVERYWISHES.COM is created to provide quality content to its visitors which is linked with wishes and greetings category.

Collection of Information

It is important for our visitors to understand that we do not intend to collect the information of our visitors without their valid consent.

Moreover, the information which is being collected is never disclosed to any third party or never sell off without the consent of our visitors.

At what Occasion we collect your Information

We would only gather your information when you choose to send us any message through the contact tab which is available on our website. The minimal information which would be required for the contact process is your Full name and email address

When your Information is used?                      

The information provided by our users is used only by the authorities of the website just for the purpose of updating the database of our visitors and to scan through their interests.

Do we sell your Information to Other Parties? does not intend to sell the acquired information to the third party. The information of our visitor is only shared with other parties after the prior approval from the visitors.

The purpose of Collecting your Information?

The only purpose of collecting your information is to update our database so that we may serve our visitors in a better way.

We aim to enhance the reading experience of our visitors by providing them the website on which they can easily find multiple wishes and greetings for their loved ones.

Our goal is to provide the quality content which is further backed by the user-friendly website.

We use the information of our visitors for promotion purposes, however, no personal information is ever disclosed to the third party.

EVERYWISHES.COM responsibly cooperates with the law enforcement authorities and tend to follow the policies accordingly.

How our Visitors can Utilize our Content?

The visitors of our website are allowed to read and utilize (send) content with customization to their loved ones however, no other party shall be allowed to plagiarize the available content on our website.

Do we intend to provide your information to any Mailing Company?

EVERYWISHES.COM does not intend to share your information with any mailing company, however, for the promotional purposes, your provided information will be used by our internal agencies such as NexronPK for enhanced experience.

How we aim to protect your Security?

We aim to protect the security of our esteemed visitors by continuously updating our malware system, which aims to remove any sort of viruses from our data base for the security purposes.

Why do we use Cookies?

Cookies are the source of data collection, which helps in attaining information about the number of visits on the particular website. This term is also called as first-party cookies

However, third-party cookies aim to acquire the data regarding the number of visits with the help of placed ads on the website.

As cookies are not remotely operated therefore, no personal information of visitors is stored.

It is important to understand that cookies on any website do not intend to threatens the personal information such as email and name of its visitors in any way.

The use of cookies is dependent on our visitors. You are empowered to refuse the usage of cookies by disabling the cookies option in the Ads settings.

Can EVERYWISHES.COM Amend its Privacy Policy?

According to law enforcement agencies, the website is allowed to amend their policies any time during the business conduct.

However, the information about any amendments shall be provided to visitors with the help of announcement section on the website.

How can you contact us?

You can contact us by visiting our website and clicking on the contact us tab.