50+ Best Halloween Wishes and Sayings, messages and quotes

Best halloween wishes

Halloween Wishes: Halloween is not all about fear, fright, and horror. There’s a lot more to it! Halloween is one of the most colorful festivals in the world. Children and teens go from house to house to collect candies from their neighbors. The concept of Halloween can be a bit scary and creepy, but it’s great fun to be part of the celebration. It’s all about surprising each other and tricking each other. These Halloween messages we have compiled here will give you a good opportunity to wish something great, something scary, or even something funny to your loved ones. You can simply text them to wish your friends, family, colleagues, neighbor, or you can use them for your own personal Halloween greeting cards!

When it comes to picking out the best Halloween wishes and sayings, you first must decide what vibe you’re going for. Do you want a scary quote that will keep your friends up all night? Or do you need something a little more PG and cute for the kids in the neighborhood? Once you decide that, you can pick from a ton of Halloween jokes and classic quotes that will do the trick.

As people around the globe get ready to celebrate the spooky Halloween on 31 October, it is time to share funny Halloween birthday greetings wishes and creepy Halloween sayings with family and friends. It is the fun time of the year when everyone dresses like a ghost in order to celebrate and remember the departed souls. If you are confused with what to write in a Halloween card, then worry no more!!!

“happy halloween everyone! may your costumes be perfect and your candy be endless!”

Helpful tip: Most of the messages in this article are written to work for just about anyone. You can certainly use them as is, but don’t be afraid to add some personal detail. Try mentioning something specific you love about the recipient (their sense of humor, their cooking, their mad unicycle skills, etc.), recalling a favorite memory of time spent together (whether recently or years ago) or expressing your excitement for the next time you’ll get to see each other.

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“wishing you a spook-tacular day!”

Helpful tip: Don’t feel boxed in by the way we’ve categorized the messages in this article. For example, if you’re writing something for your friends, the “Friends” category of this article might have what you’re looking for. But so could this “Puns” category…or the “Heartfelt” category…or the “Spooky” one. Feel free to look around until you find what you need.

“may your night be filled with sweet treats and frightful fun!”

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The Wishes

  1. I hope you enjoy a Halloween full of surprising magic. I also hope you get lots of treats that are delicious to eat.
  2. On this Halloween night, be careful where you step. Rising from their graves, dead people have appeared here. You shouldn’t stop to look back or hesitate— just keep going. Hopefully this brings you a night full of fright and fear!
  3. I hope you accidentally end up at the graveyard tonight while running away through the woods. Then you should stop in front of the rock formation. I wish you a crazy Halloween evening!
  4. On Halloween, don’t listen to what whispers in your ear. Instead, be afraid of what inhabits the darkness. Wishing you a night full of haunted and spooky adventures!
  5. I wish you a spooky Halloween tonight! I’m sending you spooky greetings in honor of the occasion.
  6. You’re a great Halloween pumpkin; have a fun but scary time! 2021 Happy Halloween!
  7. It’s Halloween, my love. Please treat me with love, hugs and kisses as a result of my tricking you.
  8. Have a spooky Halloween! Trick or treating? Why not do both!
  9. Come 2022, get ready for a happy Halloween! Dress up in the best costume and have fun!
  10. On this Halloween day, I hope you have a relaxing time without the need for any costumes. You look scary enough without one!
  11. Trick-or-treaters should remember they could be dinner for Halloween zombie vampires. Instead of being prey, hunters should try to be tonight. Wishing you a great and happy Halloween!
  12. Someone awesome deserves a great Halloween. Just like you, the night is hoped to be fabulous.
  13. Instead of fearing the darkness, have a fun Halloween adventure.
  14. On this Halloween night, the dead rise from their sleep to celebrate with you. Make sure to prepare for the celebration as darkness takes over. Wishing you a night full of fun and joy.
  15. The Halloween season is when people typically feel the most fear. During this time, you should never walk alone in the dark while looking behind you.
  16. On Halloween night, be careful who you take candy from. You don’t know if someone is deceased and someone is still alive. Have a fun evening!
  17. Enjoy Halloween treats to your heart’s desire!
  18. I encourage you to dress up and act silly with your friends on Halloween.
  19. Dreading what lies in the dark is unnecessary for a fun and spooky Halloween.
  20. On Halloween, it’s important to remember that even if you didn’t leave your house, the same darkness rules everywhere when the lights go out. This is a good reminder to be cautious of the dangers of darkness and to prepare appropriately.
  21. I hope you have a spooky and fun Halloween night full of trick-or-treating and ghost hunting. Get ready to terrorize your neighbors in your costumes! Happy Halloween!
  22. On this Halloween night, prepare to hunt witches in your spooky outfit. After finishing carving your pumpkin, that is.
  23. Halloween is the best holiday; wishing you a happy one filled with eerie monsters and sweet candies.
  24. Halloween is tonight; use this opportunity to turn your nightmares into reality. Dress up as a monster and scare someone for fun. Then say ‘Happy Halloween!’
  25. On this Halloween, I wish you an adventure full of eerie moments and dangerous encounters. Have a happy Halloween!
  26. Dress up like a witch and wear a pumpkin mask to look the part for Halloween tonight. The dead are waiting, so prepare to dine in hell!
  27. Halloween night is filled with horror; make sure the dead don’t follow you wherever you go and whatever you do. If you know how to earn candy, then you can have a happy Halloween night.
  28. Devilish tricksters abound on Halloween night. Use this opportunity to remember how much you love candy, goblins and witches. Make some great Halloween memories and don’t let the devil trick you.
  29. On Halloween 2021, remember to bring candles when you leave your house. The dead hate light, so it’s better to explore the night with a pumpkin in hand. Happy Halloween 2021!
  30. On Halloween, be careful when passing through the forest. Dress up in spooky costumes and collect a lot of candy that night. Have fun with your friends, but remember to collect lots of candy.