Happy Mother’s Day to My Fiance – Wishes For Partner

Mother’s day is a special holiday that is celebrated all around the world. It is a day to honor and appreciate mothers for all they do for their families. 

If you have a fiance, you may be looking for the perfect way to show her how much you appreciate her. Or maybe you are just looking for some wishes and messages ideas of what to send your girlfriend mom this year. 

Each of these wishes is filled with love and appreciation and will let your mom or girlfriend know how special they are to you. So whatever your plans are for mothers day, be sure to add one of these wishes to your greeting!

Can I say Happy Mother's day to my Fiance?

Yes, you can most certainly say Happy Mother’s Day to your girlfriend! After all, the holiday is all about celebrating the incredible women in our lives who have shown us love and support. And there’s no reason why your girlfriend shouldn’t be included in that. So go ahead and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day – she’s sure to appreciate it!

Happy Mother's Day to My Fiance

  • I am enjoying an amusing life because I have you as my partner. You are so pretty and truthful in all the ways. I love you too much and will love you more when you will be the mother of my kids. Greatest congratulations to you on mother’s day. 

  • Whenever I think about your love it seems like the love of a mother for her infant child. You are always anxious about my health and for my well being just like a mother does for her child. I hope you will do the same for your kids too. Happy mother’s day to my love.

  • Talking to you gives me a feeling of pure ocean of love in which I have drowned. You are an infinite source of love and peace. Best wishes for you on mother’s day. 

  • Your smile is my strength. I wish you to keep smiling for the following days and years on this mother’s day. May no grief pass by you. God bless you with happiness always. Warm wishes for you on Mother’s day.

  • Here arrives a day to greet every person capable of receiving your special love. Hello to the queen of my heart, you are the one in them. Accept warm wishes and cordial greetings from my side on this mother’s day. 

  • My love, you are the fuel for me to run towards my achievements. The first name in my success comes from my mother and the second from you. Where I stood today is because of your love. 

Heartfelt Mother's Day Messages for Fiance

  • It’s mother’s day. The celebrations of motherhood. On this day I want to tell you I will be your admirer forever. And I want to see you around me scolding our children. Happy mother’s day to you. 

  • I want to share my whole life with you. You always give sweetness and goodness to my life. You are my beloved love. Best wishes for you on his day. 

  • Hello the love of my life, I idolize you with all my sincerity. You always give me the happiness of being the luckiest person whose girlfriend gives unconditional love every second.  

  • I am highly fortunate to have you as my love. I will always be thankful to you for spreading your blossoming affection around me. I hope your motherhood will be more powerful than the love of our relationship. 

  • You are a priceless gemstone. If you are compared with jewels of the world, you will still be heavier. I love you with the depth of my heart. May you enjoy mother’s day with blissful wishes.

  • Today I want to tell the world the joy of having the most beautiful and most loving woman in the world. If you didn’t exist the world would be like a withering pale tree. Wishing you a happy mother’s day to you.  

Happy Mother's Day to My Wife Quotes

  • “A good wife is one who serve her husband in morning like a mother does, love him in the day like a sister does and please him like a prostitute in the night”- Chanakya

  • “A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.” ~ Gaspard Mermillod

  • “Our world has created a false unrealistic image of what women are supposed to look like and act like. But the truth is that every woman was not created by God to be skinny, with a flawless complexion and long flowing hair. Not every woman was intended to juggle a career as well as all of the other duties of being a wife, mother, citizen, and daughter. Single women should not be made to feel they are missing somenthing because they are not married. Married women should not be made to feel they must have a career to be complete. We must have the freedom to be our individual selves.” ~ Joyce Meyer

  • “Bethink you of the blessedness. Every wife is like the mother of God. And has the hope of bearing a saviour of mankind.”- John Buchan 

Mother's Day Messages for My Fiance

  • You blessed me with the greatest gift and made me complete. You are the best and give me your best with purity of the world. Sending my loving wishes for you On the Mother’s day. 

  • In every ups and downs you follow me like a shadow of mine. Like a God who never leaves his man alone in any situation. You own the spiritual love of God. For all your unlimited tenderness as being a mother I wish you happy mother’s day with love and roses. 

  • You have made me the richest person in the world with your devotion and loyalty. Your love is my biggest strength and also my biggest weakness. Without you I will be like a piece of waste paper. Stay without me and continue giving me your love. Happy mother’s day.

  • I want to wish the warmest greetings to the lady of my heart. You are the owner of my soul.  May God fullfill you all desire before you imagine that and give back happiness to you what you showed to others. 

  • I have no tension about how my children will raise and emerge as good people in the eyes of society. Because you are their mentor. They will follow her and will reach heights. Thank you for the best bringing of my children. Happy Mother’s day. Let’s celebrate it for you. 

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