Mothers Day Message From Toddler, Baby, Child, Kids

Mothers Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May to honor mothers and motherhood. Mothers Day is not a national holiday, but it is an important day recognized by many people. 

It celebrates the importance of mothers in their children’s lives in different ways. Kids usually have a tough time expressing themselves, and so this article has collected messages from toddlers to their moms that can be used as tips! 

What do you write in a Mother's day card for a toddler?

Mothers love getting handmade cards from their children and mothers for Mother’s Day. Tell them how much you love them! A handwritten card from their children on their favorite piece of paper will make her day a great one and remind her how important she is in your life. 

Share a card with a painting, drawing, or crayon illustration of your house, dad, sister, dog, or other things around your yard to show that it was made by you.

Mother's Day Message From Toddler

  • Thank you mom for caring for me and making me happy. You work for my comfort. You are the best. Happy mother’s day to my mom.

  • With the depth of my heart, I am grateful to you for giving me a happy life. I admire your love that you give every day in a new way. Best wishes from my side on mother’s day. 

  • I am so happy to be a son of a tremendous mother like you. In the core of my heart I wish happiness for your long life on this day. 

  • I feel myself up in the air to know that I am your most favourite. I promise I will always be your sincere child. Congratulations from my side on your day. 

  • My special mom, wishing you happy mother’s day. On this day I promise to you that I will always prefer you no matter how much I get busy in life. May God bless you with the best.

  • Dear Mommy, not only do I come into the world as a gift for you but you are also a pleasant gift for me. With all my love I wish you a happy mother’s day. 

  • I pray to God that the strongest bond we are sharing till today continues throughout our lives. Wishing you a blessed Mother’s day.

  • You brought me into this world as an innocent little boy. You just know who to love and care for others. It’s only you who has taught me this. And I feel lucky to learn the most valuable thing you have taught me. Thank you for everything. I always want to love and hug you. Happy mother’s day to you.

  • I hope on growing up I will become the strongest, positive, truthful and faithful person of society. Because you are my mother. You are the strongest and graceful woman. I wish all the happiness of the world for you on this mother’s day. 

  • On one day I will surely replace all the pains and sorrows that you are bearing today with happiness and joy. Best wishes for you on mother’s day and days forward. 

  • I wish that all your efforts become the fragrant flowers for the upcoming days of your life. Be happy as much as you deserve. Happy mother’s day to you.

  • I wish I could give you the biggest hug. Such a big enough to tell you what you mean to me. May God fill all the routes of your life with happiness. Happy mother’s day with love and hugs.

  • I want to grow up very quickly to take care of you as you do for me now. And shower my love to you that I have. Enjoy your happy day. 

  • Wishes for my lovely mother on mother’s day. How much you are a special and unconditionally loving mother of mine. You pamper me with love and wipe my bum. Happy mother’s day to you. 

  • Happy mother’s day to wonderful mother. Today I thank you and God to give me a mother like you. In future I will be wonderful like you. 

  • Wishing my mommy a happy mother’s day. I want to grow up and have a woman like you by my side. I am highly grateful to you. You are such a pretty woman. I love you too much. 

Mother's Day Messages From Children

  • Happy first Mother’s day mom. Today I don’t understand your feelings but your affection still surprises me. How much someone is devoted to me. 

  • Happy Mother’s day to my mother. You are more beautiful than my doll. You make superb cookies for me. On this mother’s day I want to make yummy cookies for you. 

  • Today I want to wish mother’s day to the most superb mom in the world. She is my mother and my cute friend. 
  • Happy mother’s day, my dearest mom, you lie inside my heart for today and forever. I love you most. 

  • Hello my beautiful mommy. I want to care for you in the coming years as you did for me in the days passed by. 
  • Mom I may not listen to you day but when I will grow up I will understand how much your guidance is needed for me. 

  • Dear mom, I want to be the shadow of you. Qualities that I see today in you, may the world see them all in me in the future. I feel fortunate to have a mother like you. Happiest mother day to you. 

  • Mom, it would be best to have Mother’s day daily. I want to celebrate with you daily. I want to give gifts and cut cakes and party with you daily. I want to make every day more loving for you. Happy mother’s day to you. 

  • You are not my mother but an angel for me on the Earth. How you take care of me it could only be heavenly sent. Sending my love and wishes for you. Happy Mother’s day. 

  • I thank my mom today for her efforts and generosity and for unswerving love of her. You make me able to speak. Today I can say happy mother’s day to you. It’s you who take me to the path where I can express my feelings. 

  • Dear mother, sometimes I am confused as to where do you take such patience and energy to deal with me. You are always polite and humble. Your gentle words reach my heart and give joy to me. Today I want to greet you with best wishes. Happy Mother’s day.

  • More than just mom, you are the prettiest soul of mine and a beautiful heart for me. You give me the best example to follow upon. I hope to be like you. I want all the comforts and peace to look your way for the rest of your life. Happy Mother’s day.  

Mother's Day Quotes From Kids

  • “My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.” – Mark Twain

  • “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”- Abraham Lincoln

  • “My mother is a walking miracle.” – Leonardo DiCaprio

  • “A mother’s yearning feels the presence of the cherished child even in the degraded man.”- George Eliot

  • “Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love.” – Stevie Wonder

  • “For when a child is born the mother also is born again.” – Gilbert Parker

  • “She raised us with humor, and she raised us to understand that not everything was going to be great – but how to laugh through it.” – Liza Minellie

  • “Always remember where you put your kid. Don’t let your kid drive until their feet can reach the pedals. Use the right size diapers…for yourself. And, when in doubt, make funny faces.” – Amy Poehler

  • “A mother’s love is everything. It is what brings a child into this world. It is what molds her entire being. When a mother sees her child in danger, she is literally capable of anything. Mothers have lifted cars off of their children and destroyed entire dynasties. A mother’s love is the strongest energy known to man.” – Jamie McGuire 

Happy Mother's Day Messages From Baby

  • It takes too much effort to become a magnificent mother, a true friend, an irreplaceable companion and a comforting wife. But you are the one having all qualities and doing the best of you. I love you in all your roles. You are the best role model for me. I love you too much. 

  • It’s only the quality of a dignified woman to be a wonderful mother and a wonderful wife. Happy Mother’s Day to you. I wish you all happiness. 

  • Today is Mother’s day. I want to congratulate you and glorify all the enjoyable moments with you. You were my mother and you will be my mother forever. On this mother’s day it seems like you are promoted as a good mother. 

  • I want to give a million dollars hugs to you mom on mother’s day. You have made my life wonderful in thousands of ways. I wish the happiness to come back to you throughout your life that you are giving me today. Happy mother’s day.

  • My mom, you are my first priority in life. Being stressed you play with me with a childish heart. You know how to please me. Hope all your efforts come true in bringing me a brilliant person. Happy mother’s day to my beautiful mother.  

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