Happy Mother’s Day Wishes & Messages For Pregnant Wife

When your wife is passing to most special but tens period. She needs your attention and support. Wish a Happy mother’s day to pregnant wife. Being a trustworthy and loyal husband try to realize her you are with her. 

Make your pregnant wife realize that she is going to be the most honourable woman. 

Husbands should remember to celebrate her wife days specially if she is giving you precious gift. Pay best regards in her honor. Wishing a happy and joyful mother’s day to your pregnant wife. Celebrating mother’s day for pregnant wife rejoice her with spiritually of motherhood. 

Should I celebrate mother's day for my pregnant wife?

Husbands should celebrate mother’s day to their pregnant wives by wishing warm greetings to them. Countdown the day of celebrating child into your arms. We have brought cute ideas for mother’s day wishes, you can sent them to your partner. You will definitely like this list of wishes. 

Happy Mother's Day to Pregnant Wife

  • The awaited dream of us is going to come true. May we be blessed with a healthy cute gift. Wishing you mother’s day with greetings from the side of your husband and the coming baby. 

  • Though you don’t have a little one in your arms but you have been blessed with lovely warming treasure in your arms. All the beautiful feelings that a mother carries have been revealed upon you. Happy mother’s day to you.

  • Here is to celebrate the day entitled with the status of ultimate love. Be proud of becoming a part of it. This peaceful mother’s day for you my dear wife. Hope this celebration would be a source of stress free for you. 

  • No matter if you look huge, still you are too cute. You have sinked into eternal love of motherhood. Never feel sad about your physical appearance. It is not the body mass that makes you look fat but it’s love, faithfulness, righteousness and spiritual power that occupy space in you. 

  • Happy mother’s day wishes for my wife. You look pretty confident in the period of pregnancy. The feeling of completeness after a kid makes you confident. Spend the day with enjoyment.

  • The day is to celebrate you because you are doing courageously to give birth to an awesome child. Today is a special day for you. Enjoy mother’s day anyway you feel pleased.

  • My lovely wife, To be a mother really required millions of hard work and through my humble appreciation you can go a long way in performing it.  

Mother's Day Message for Pregnant Wife

  • Mother’s day wishes are looking your way. I am privileged to have an opportunity to remind you before we will be having a kid around us. I want to tell you that you will be the most benevolent mother. The way you treat me is evidence of your kind heart. you will be the perfect mother for my children.

  • You are excellently taking care of our child by giving focus on yourself. Whatever you are doing, eating, thinking and speaking is going to inherit in our child. Be positive and stay happy. Happy mother’s day.

  • You are the solicitous wife of me and definitely you will be affectionating mother of our child. Blissful wishes for mommy of my little champs. Stay healthy and active.

  • Having healthy and cute kid is dreamy gift of God. We are soon having such gift in our arms. May our shadow always rest on your children. God give us health to work for them the long life. Wishing you a very super duper mother’s day. 
  • For the coming years to ages we will be having the one or mores to call you mommy. Celebrate your devotions on this day. This year you give me the biggest news to get ready for parenthood. So wish you happy mother’s day. I am ready to celebrate you on this day. 

Mother's Day Messages for Expecting Mothers

  • Hey, orchard beauty. A very happy mother’s day to you. Thanks on the behalf of the baby you are carrying. You are doing great care of him and will surely showers tremendous love upon him after birth. 

  • Sooner and earlier you are going to be mother. Surely you will be truthful mother with selfless loving heart. Warm wishes packed within basket of blessings is sent to you. May you have cutest happy healthy baby.
  • Dear mommy to be, put off every thought that makes you worry. You are going to be God most honourable lady. Proud to be one of the luckiest human and welcome reward of God with happier open arms. Congratulations for your day.

  • You were like a babe now you are ready to own the baby. Have a wonderful experience. This would be definitely unexplainable joy. The enjoyment has been start from today. Make this mother’s day special for you. 

  • Becoming pregnant not only transform your body but it also transform woman feelings and soul. All the beauties of universe left behind as compared to pregnant soul’s beauty. Though you are passing to this beauty therefore wishing warm mother’s day to most beautiful soul. Happy mother’s day to you with love and gratitude. 


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Happy Mother's Day Wishes for Wife

  • Stay bless and happy as you were. Take benefit of your days. I want to treat your as special as queen of throne. You are the queen of my heart. Happy mother’s day the leader of my throne. 

  • Motherhood is eternal feeling that never ends. This is so spiritual gift to which you are blessed. Feel proud over it. Accept the wishes of motherhood from my side. 

  • Hey my beautiful partner, thank you for the biggest good news. I felt my self up in the sky after knowing that we are going to become parents. I know this is more beautiful news for you. Happy mother’s day to future mother.

  • There is no more blessed feeling than conceiveing a new one within yourself. During the period I want to spend the days hours and minutes with you to capture all in my memory. To my wonderful wife I am sharing mother’s day wishes. 

  • We both are surprisingly waiting for the our baby. The day will arrive soon. Congratulations to you for giving be good news. Celebrate the new of you.