Labor Day Whatsapp Status, Messages & Wishes

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What is a good Labor Day message?

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Labor Day Whatsapp Status Messages

  • Labor day is about taking a break from your working routine to honour your labor. 

  • For all days of the year a person works. Among those working days, Labor day is a good way to enjoy a break. 

  • The first step towards success is hard work and the final step is also hard work. To become a successful person all you need is to work hard. Happy labor day.

  • Nobody is going to paid you to have your mind and hands. But all pay to use them. Enjoy funful labor day. 

  • In between the worst day at work and the good day in hell. A laborer always choose the first. This is why he is celebrated this day because he has the courage to make impossible, possible.

  • World is jealous of those who made their lives with hard work. Work hard to be dignified. Happy labor day.

  • It is the hard work that can give you a comfortable sleep and a smiling morning. So work hard to become such a fortunate person. Happy labor day.

  • Not all people are blessed with the courage of hard work. Those who are, they are transforming the world with their talent to unbelievable levels. Happy labor day.  

Labor Day Status Messages for Facebook & WhatsApp

  • Hard working is the capability that is not gifted but to be made. Made by the efforts to put all in the way of the desired dream. Cheers on this labor day to everyone. 

  • No skill can replace hard working capability. It is the one that is placed above all. Without hard work all other skills are useless. Blessing for every worker on this labor day.

  • Happiest labor day. May this labor day bring the fruits of your effort for the years. 

  • I hope all the labourers get the results of their work sooner. May you all have the ability to work more efficiently in the coming year. Happy labor day. 

  • All the impossibilities turn into the smallest task once you decide to work hard. Warm greetings to everyone on this labor day.

  • If you want to remove the word ‘Impossible’ from your dictionary then you need to be very courageous on the route of hard work. Sending best wishes on labor day.

  • All the mountains and heights are bowing down to you for your great effort for your goals. This is for everyone who has made hard work their hobby. World is saluting you on this labor day.

  • Happy labor day. May your dreams of better life motivate you with new energies. 

Best Labour Day Facebook Whatsapp Status

  • For survival in the competitive world everyone needs to work. Among all of us those workers are shining laborers who love their work and show an unusual spirit in the work. They always find peace in doing that work. I wish the best regards and warm greetings to those laborers.

  • If you wish to enjoy the celebration of labor day you need to work for the rest of the days of the year. Happy labor day. 

  • Every worker is an asset to their nation. Today is the day for those workers who are working hard for this nation. 

  • I wish that the effort of every worker will be rewarded by best blessings. This is the day to share the best regards with everyone so that we all can make a happy and loving society. 

  • It is the day to give rest to workers. It is by their efforts that gives them happiness and growth to the nation. Be the saviour of the nation, be a good citizen.

  • Laborers have achieved this day of their celebration and enjoyment by their hard work. It is clear from this that for every fruit one needs to work hard. 

  • The brilliant way to find peace for yourself is in the service of others. Happy labor day. 

  • Dreams will not reach you unless you by your hard work give the way to come to you.  

Labor Day captions

  • Plan to celebrate the labor day only with eating, drinking and sleep. There is no place for work commitments. 

  • Here is the reminder to the agenda of labor day. This is relaxation, the result of working devotion.

  • Let’s balance the hectic and busy routine of labor with a fun-filled party.

  • Are you waiting for the day when there will not be any work for you? You can’t find that day except for labor day.

  • Have a great labor day. Enjoy the day with fun at the beach.

  • The supremacy of your work has reached the height from where it has returned back to you with the enjoying labor day. 

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