Catchy Slogans For Child Labour – Slogans For Labour Day

To stop child labor abuse, we should use a catchy child labor slogan for children to bring society’s attention towards the severe issue. Parents must know the value of children and childhood. To secure the lives of children and provide them with their rights, create catchy slogans for motivating the society to join hands against child labour. 

Here, we have designed lots of slogans for children to share with friends, family, and people. 

What is a good slogan for child labour?

We are familiar with many campaigns from history with some common slogans for child labour. We need to change them to attract more attention to them. 

A slogan is a short one-line message that emphasizes the goal to the public. The slogan for child labor must include the importance of their childhood and condemn the unfairness. 

Catchy Child Labour Slogans For Children

  • Books and toys are what children should know only.


  • Children delight in making the country bright.


  • Children are the future of a nation. Save them from child labour.


  • Protecting a child from child labour can contribute alot.


  • Children should be sent to study not to work.


  • Let children live their lives, don’t kill their smiles.


  • Let children enjoy their childhood.


  • When books are waiting for them they are working in factories.


  • Let the difference between children and labourers be maintained.


  • Their age is to learn not to earn.


  • Don’t be a criminal, don’t force children to work.


  • Children needs study and knowledge not money.


  • Don’t ruin their childhood. Stop children working.


  • We all are standing with children on Child Labour Day.


  • Treat them with their need. Treat them with education.


  • What children deserves is education and fun, not machines and equipment to work on.


  • The best time of children is what they spend playfully and in studies.


  • There is no place of labour in childhood.


  • The future of country would be great if they have educated children.


  • No excuse could be accepted on child abuse.


  • All children demand to put them in school not in labour.


  • Bright future can only be written if children have pen in their hand.


  • The special time of life that is childhood, deserves playing and studying.


  • Children are expected to study not to work.


  • Every child is expected to learn and enjoy for healthy future of nation .


  • Children are not responsible for adult responsibilities.


  • Healthy are those nations whose children are going school.


  • Love, affection and praising can make a children life.


  • How you are treating children today, tomorrow they will treat you the same way.


  • Childhood is the age of studying and playing. It’s not supposed to labour. 

Best Child Labour Slogans and Taglines for Children

  • Build the future of your children by educating them.

  • We strongly protest against the crime of Child Labour.

  • Every child who is forced to earn is looking to us for favour.

  • Children are not born to be labourer but to be pampered.

  • Let’s fight for every children for their bright future. 

  • A child in pain need education to gain.

  • The biggest crime in our society is child labour.

  • Taking away childhood from children is seriously an offense. 

  • Join hands to run away child abuse. 

  • When childhood is lose to become labourer, never a child can rejoice. 

  • A single step of removing child labour can bring smile on many faces.

  • We stand with the children let eradicate child labour.

  • If everyone of us report a case of child labour. It can be stopped.

  • Preserve the childhood. Preserve the wellness of nation.

  • Nature suppose children to enjoy and be happy. Where the society is going.

  • This is the high time to remove childhood.

  • If you want to gift children, gift them their childhood. 

  • Condemning child labour is not enough it must be stopped.

  • Help them to enjoy childhood. Let’s save their cuteness.

  • Put a full stop to child labour, open a shower of happiness upon children. 

Heart Touching Slogans on Child Labour

  • Give children a favour, free them from Labour. 

  • Children demand happiness, health and safety in their life. 

  • We are having power to made a better future. We can do it by treating children well.

  • Shape a bright future make a right future. Prevent child labour.

  • Show children love and care they will show you development.

  • Childhood is the age of filling mind not pocket. 

  • Don’t force a child to work. Don’t let them shed tear .

  • Employing child labour is destroying little souls.

  • Send children school don’t take them tool.

  • Let child play and child labour break away. 

Famous Slogans on Child Labour

  • Child labour is act of biggest crime.

  • Child labour violates child and if nature.

  • Its time to earn knowledge not money.

  • Give them the right to educate.

  • Enable your children to study.

  • Open your heart and let child open books.

  • Give you child pencil not brush to do utensils.

  • Don’t do unfair with children. They will make a new kingdom.

  • Future can’t be fine if your child is in factory fine.

  • To the vast mind give wings to fly.

  • Child labour could be banned if we raise our hand .

  • Never act as blind for your child.

  • Break your silence to stop child violence.

  • Let’s start fight to give child birth right.

  • In comparison of educating and earning child need education.

  • Education brightens the darkships Of mind.

  • The shortest way to stop child labour is to change your behavior.

  • Accept no excuse for the biggest abuse that is child abuse.

Child Labour Quotes and Slogans

  • “You can’t regulate child labor. You can’t regulate slavery. Some things are just wrong.” – Michael Moore

  • “Child labour perpetuates poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, population growth, and other social problems.” – Nobel prize winner Kailash Satyarthi

  • “Children are the most valuable resource”- Herbert Hoover

  • “If we can’t begin to agree on fundamentals, such as the elimination of the most abusive forms of child labor, then we really are not ready to march forward into the future.”- Alexis Herman

  • “Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.” – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

  • “When you use your brain, it’s a violation of the child labor law.”- Joe E. Lewis 

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