Funny Labor Day Jokes – Messages & Memes in 2022

Labor Day is a day to celebrate the achievements of workers around the world. It’s a time to enjoy the fruits of our labor, whether we’re kicking back at home or enjoying a long weekend away. And what better way to kick off the holiday than with a few funny Labor Day jokes? These laughs will help you get into the holiday spirit, from puns about unions to jokes about how hard work is! Enjoy!

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Funny Labor Day Jokes

  • Father to son: Do you know today is the day when people have break from work.Son: if nobody is working today, wouldn’t it be ‘No Labor Day.’

  • Don’t work on Labour day just enjoy and eat and let your stomach do more work. 

  • If the labour day is for whose who work hard then when will be day for those went who work smarter. 

  • Let celebrate the day when we are not allowed we work but only to talk about work. 

  • It’s the time to say no to work and call most work word.

  • If anyone work on this day he ruin the purpose of this day. 

  • May you have labour day full of enjoyment and many things to do except work.

  • I wish a labour that will be relaxed and partied.

  • When you saw everyone partying and having full. It’s Labour day.

  • Bus stops at bus station and train stops at train station as work stops on Labor day.

  • I think labor Day would be called a independence day but the name was already taken.

  • A wealthy person never needs to do labor but the wealth is gain by labor. 

  • I don’t like labor Day because I like labor month, With a month break .

  • After coming from job a wife said to his husband: I am not going to work for him again. Husband asked her: why? She said: because he has fired me.

  • If you saw all cars parked side to side definitely there would be labor Day weekend.  

  • On this labor Day I am not going to work but putting my liver to work. 

  • Those who work throughout the year have one day labor Day break but those who don’t work they enjoy everyday labor Day. 

  • Are you still working it labor Day? 

International Labour Day Funny Messages

  • Have you heard of labour day joke? It never worked for me.

  • Two labourer married just after labor Day. All the guest commented there they have beautiful bond.

  • A match maker was waiting for labor Day from so long. As the labor day arrive she had a new conversation with her neighbours.

  • My mother only teaches me to work she didn’t told me about labor day.

  • It’s important to work to gain the pot of gold, same as it’s also important to have leave to decide where to spend. 

  • I do help others by leaving apart while all other where working.

  • Sleeping, eating and drinking and then repeating this is all I am going to do on this labor Day.

  • I hope everyone will enjoy labor Day with beer and snacks.

  • On labor Day only one work is assigned to you to have a party with your dearest one.  

Labor day pick up line

  • Excuse me. I am lost in work so much can be get me to the labor day .

  • Have you loved at first sight? I have love at my labor site.

  • You are so sweet and on labor day I like to eat sweets.

  • Enjoy this labor day because you run in my mind throughout the year.

  • I think your hands have become heavy due to too muchworking let me hold them.

  • Aside by being a pretty girl, what you do?

  • Can I have your cell phone just to call my boss to tell him I will be having more holidays after labor day. Because it’s probably my marriage after it.  

Funny Labour Day Status

  • Isn’t it so astonishing to have a holiday on the day that regards labor.
  • I feel we couldn’t have life with labor. From the day we born to struggle for survival in the world all is labor where lies life in all this.
  • If everyone around the world is celebrating labor day on this day. Then who is working to run the world.
  • The actual meaning of labor day should be the day to only talk about labor.
  • You should be like a party animal who become crazy in the party with full energies.

  • Just a week before labor day a poor farmer win the lottery of million dollars. He decided to celebrate this with his wife and children on a trip to labor day celebration to a city. When his wife and son saw an old woman entered to automatic door with flashing lights by the wall. After a minute this silver box again open and a young lady came out. Farmer wife said to his son: I am going into it to become young.

Labor Day Jokes

  • I boss sent his worker on the labor day to office. After some time boss arrive to office to check-in. Boss caught worker having a beer. Boss said to the worker: You are not supposed to drink will working. Worker replied: Don’t worry sir I am not working.

  • When is labor day celebrated for the people who work day and night on Facebook and Instagram.