Birthday Wishes For Best Friend – Best Friend Birthday Wishes and Cards

The words best friend are bigger than they might seem. These words are used for our closest people. A best friend is someone who is there for you at all times. Someone who is there through thick and thin, good and bad and every day. We often wanna do something special for our best friends on their birthdays but we don’t always know how to.There are many birthday wishes for best friend to show your love on this special day.

Sometimes it’s the generic birthday wish accompanies by gifts, flowers, cake and balloons but we always wanna explain better to them how much they mean to us. So here are some birthday wishes for best friend that will grasp how you feel about them and get the words right.


Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female

  • Wishing a very happy birthday to the cutest person this world has ever seen! You’re such a joy to be around and you make each day better. You’re a source of happiness for all your friends and family, especially me and I’m thankful for you.

  • May God shine his light upon such a wonderful, strong and caring woman. You came into my life in such a strange way and I’m so glad we became friends and then eventually best friends. We’ve faced ups and downs and regardless of their being distance between us we know how to make each others day. Happy birthday!

  • Happy birthday to my best pal! You’re an amazing woman and I hope you have many more birthdays. Keep smiling the way you do! Love you!

  • We hated each other at first but when we got to know one another things became different. You opened my mind up to things and taught me how to have fun. You’re the kind of girl I wish everyone has the pleasure of knowing. You spread light wherever you go and live your life to the fullest. Today I wish you a happy birthday.Always wishing my girl has the best of days and that her birthday is special. You’re a badass who takes no crap from no one and you say exactly what you feel. You’re inspiring and a total hottie. Continue being the awesome chick that you are!

  • Wishing the best birthday to my best friend! It’s wonderful having such a lovely human being be a part of this journey we call life. All the hangouts, sleep overs, gossiping, sharing secrets and even fighting has been amazing with you. Here’s to many many more years being partners in crime!


birthday wishes for best friend


Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

  • Dear Friend. Have you ever wondered why I’ve kept you around for so long? You know too many of my secrets. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday from the only person who knows your true age. Your secret’s safe with me!

  • You may be getting older but that doesn’t mean you have to grow up. Have a fantastic birthday.

  • I put on a smile just for you. But the truth is…I hate birthdays! It just reminds me of how old we’re getting.

  • Happy Birthday from the friend that taught you everything you know about life. Sorry about the misinformation.

  • You are a gorgeous birthday girl! Almost as gorgeous as your best friend! Happy Birthday to you!

  • Congratulations on your fifth 25th birthday! Love always, your awesome friend!

  • I am so happy that you have managed to make it to this age without too many scars. Let’s add one huge one tonight! Happy Birthday!

  • Honesty is the key to any relationship, for that reason I want you to know, you really need to pluck your eyebrows before we go out tonight. Happy Birthday!

  • I cant believe how old we are getting! Let’s do something we could only get away with we were teenagers. Let’s stay up until 5 am and get out of bed at 4 pm to pizza for breakfast. If might be the last night you ever have, but it will be a great way to go out with a bang. Happy Birthday!

  • Why is it always harder to buy presents for a guy? It might be something to do with the fact that no matter what you get a guy, it’s never going to be better than his Playstation. Happy Birthday!


birthday wishes for best friend

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Male

  • My brother, my partner in crime, my confidant, wishing you a very happy and a very fun birthday. We’re gonna party like there’s no tomorrow!

  • Happy birthday, mate! You help me live life to the fullest and you’re just like the brother I never had. You mean the world to me and I appreciate all that you do. This is getting too sentimental so I’ll leave it at this.

  • We bonded over something very small many years ago and here we are today still having laughs and a good time with everything we do. When I hear the words “best friend” only you come to mind. Happy birthday, man! May you have many more!

  • We laugh together, we have cried together and no matter how hard times have been we have always been by each others side. You’re more than my best friend, you’re more than my brother, you are someone I can’t see my life without and I pray it always stays this way. Happy birthday, pal! May we get old together.

  • Never thought we could or would be friends and look at us now. We’re the best of friends.I’m proud to have a friend like you who does so much for me and never asks for anything in return. You have helped me on some of the worst days of my life and no matter how much I thank you I know it will never be enough. Praying you have a wonderful birthday.

  • Happy birthday, dude! You’re one awesome friend. I swear, I have never had as much fun with anyone as much as I have it with you. Hoping to celebrate your day with you and get my party on!

birthday wishes for best friend

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Girl

  • Here’s to the most beautiful friend I could ever ask for, wishing you a very happy birthday and loads of success in your life!

  • You’re the kind of girl every wants to be. Strong, confident, intelligent and gorgeous. I’m just glad I found such a wonderful friend in you. Happy birthday, love

  • Here are  the birthday wishes for best friend who is generous, selfless and have a heart made of gold.Many many happy returns of the day .Your smile illuminates everyone’s life and I hope to see more of it. I love you!

  • I know the world may seem strange and bleek sometimes. Just know you are a light in this world and everyone in your life always wants you around. Happy birthday!

  • May God shine his light upon you and bless you in every way possible. You’re a role model of a human being and delightful friend. You’re always there for me and you bring joy to everyone around you. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday to the girl who’s like my sister more than my own sister! We laugh together, gossip, study and do practically everything. You’re so sweet and cute. I hope we remain friends forever. I love you to the moon and back. Never change and always keep smiling.

  • Happy birthday! You’ve played an important role in my life and although we don’t talk much anymore that doesn’t cut away from the fact you’re one of my best friends. Making memories with you was fantastic. Maybe we might make some more some day soon. I’m proud of you

  • Congrats on becoming a year older. Wishing you lots of love and hair dye to wash away the new gray hairs. Enjoy your birthday!


birthday wishes for best friend



Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

  • Happy Birthday, Bestie. As your gift, I will continue being the friend your parents wish you never had.

  • To the best friend a guy could hope for, do us all a huge favor and don’t get into any scraps tonight. Do yourself a favor and win the ones you do. Happy Birthday!

  • You always backed me up in our fights, helped me move, helped me kick my addictions, and let me know when I was in a bad relationship. Let me return the favor today, and help you pick a good club for us to celebrate in. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday to the best friend I never knew I could have! You’re funny, sweet, caring and you’re always there for me. I miss you whenever you’re not around and I’m glad we can share so much together. You’re a fantastic girl and I know you’ll go a long way in life even if you sometimes feel like you might not. Never give up!

  • Wishing a very happy birthday to my bestie! You’re a friend I can trust and you always know how to make me smile or how to cheer me up when I’m feeling low. You’re exciting to be around and you are a very good human being. Thanks for always having my back!

  • To my polar opposite in every sense, I wish you a very happy birthday. Every moment with you is special and although we never agree on anything, that makes the beauty of our friendship more unique because I love a challenge. Thank you for being my driving force, man!