10 Best Birthday Jokes and Quotes

“it’s not a problem, it’s a challenge!”

On a positive note, I think I’m actually a fairly decent beginning driver now. None of my driving teachers are believers in positive reinforcement. (I think “positive reinforcement” might be an American philosophy, and since all of my teachers have been immigrants, they believe in the tough love stance. Or as my current teacher said, “When we compliment students, then they think they are doing well, and then they stop learning!” I inwardly groaned, remembering my various aborted stints at Chinese school, where teachers are always quick to rank students and point out your failures.) But as an American who grew up in woo-woo San Francisco, I am big on positive reinforcement, so I have taken to saying things like, “Aren’t I doing so well? Did you notice how great I was on the highway?” which makes my teacher laugh. I told her that I needed to be complimented (who cares if I’m fishing?) and she was like, “um, I don’t do that, but okay.” The truth is that driving isn’t so difficult, and though I was kind of mentally stressed about it for a while, I finally was like, if I can knit an entire sweater, I think I can learn to drive.

Wands: Courage The spiritual crisis of the Sink of Wands has been taken as an opportunity for growth and has been turned into a victory. The somewhat shallow, pasteboard stability of the Cater of Wands has been rounded out into the balanced wholeness of the Sice. You have been to the bottom of the dark abyss as well as to the shining heavens’ heights; you have confronted your worst fears; tempered by experience, you now have the courage to face anything. With this courage comes satisfaction with the past and optimism for the future.

“birthdays are a time to celebrate the past, look forward to the future, and have a lot of fun!”

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You don’t know how happy I am to celebrate your birthday, from the moment we got together I thought it was moments like these serve to tell you that no matter what happens in the future, today I am very happy to have you at my side. Best wishes for a joyous day filled with love and laughter. Happy birthday.

“a happy birthday is the best birthday present anyone could ever give!”

Today I was given a very special chance – to wish you a Happy Birthday! From all my heart I hope that you take all the pleasures that each day offers you, never refuse to take those opportunities which could lead you to a better life, and NEVER run into a lack of courage in trying new things.

Hey, do you know that you are the most important person in my life? I am so blessed to have you in my life. It’s not possible to describe in words how much I love you. On your birthday, I am sending all the love and good wishes for you, Happy Birthday to you, dear.