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Sleep Memes

Sleep Meme

 It’s the time of the day – no wait night, no wait day – ughhh! Whatever! Yes, it is the time where you are struggling for sleep, already over thinking about why the universe exists. It is the night time or the bed time or more like anti-bed time. Errrmm! And sadly when morning strikes we suddenly feel too sleepy to go to work or college. That is the story of us night-owls, as we like to say. But worry not, we are here to understand your struggle with these sleep memes. As much as you love sleep, the more you’d love these awesome sleeping memes.

Are you looking for some of the best Sleeping Memes of all time, then you are at the right place share these awesome Sleeping Memes & Sleep Memes Pictures with your friends.If you’re much like me you have a tendency to not sleep and remain up late wasting precious sleeping time together with your phone or computer watching videos and surfing the web.Occasionally you do not even sleep and also you manage to handle the following day like a zombie.I dare to state that it is really an ultimate degree of stalling however, there are occasions that anxiety plays a substantial role in the inability to sleep.This really is at its worst if you need to awaken early each morning.Nevermind many of us are night owls, aren’t we? A minimum of that’s what we should tell ourselves to keep our sanity level.

So here we are with a couple of sleep memes that will help you get through the night – probably the first of the-many-more-to-come memes that you will scroll through:

Sleep Memes Pictures

I Dont Sleep Wirth My Back To You

I Dont Sleep With My Back To You

I Have A Condition That Makes Me Eat

I Have No Idea Why Im Awake

I Know How To Scare Them

I Know You Slept Well

I Love Sleep My Life Has A Tendency To Fall

I Love Sleep

I Love You Couch

I Noticed You Were Sleeping In That Chair

I Only Need One Hour Of Uninterrupted Sleep

I Slept Great Last Night

I Spent All Day Sleeping

I Suffer From A Sleeping Disorder

I Will Put You To Sleep

I Wish I May

I Would Go To Sleep

Id Rather Sleep Kay

If Im Up First And She Still Asleep

If You Ever Get Caught Sleeping

If You Love Me Let Me Sleep

If You Wake Up Before Your Alarm

Im Going To Murder You

Im Gonna Drink These Before You Go To Bed

Im Just Gonna Take A Quick Nap

Im Not Sleeping

In A Couple Hours

Instead Of Getting Their Period

Internet Please Let Me Sleep

Its Ok Honey 2 Hours Of Sleep

Just A Quick Vitals Check

Just One More Video Then Ill Go To Sleep

Laying In Bed At Night Trying To Sleep

Le Me Going For A Nap After School

Legend Says When You Cant Sleep

Let Me Sing You The Song Of My People

Life Without Coffee Is Like

Mah Sleep Number Is Bunny

Many Of You Before Sleep

Me And My Boyfriend In Bed

Me At School When I Get Home

Must Fight Sleep

My Reaction To The Weekend

Naptime Not While My Enemies Stand

Never Be The First One Asleep

No I Dont Want To Wake Up

No I Have Not Slept Well

No Seriously Tell Me More

No Sleep For You

No The Dog Cant Sleep There

Not Sure If Funny

Not Sure If I Should Sleep

Oh God She Said Team No

Oh You re Sleeping

Oh You Want A Full Night Sleep Tonight

Ok I Will Rise

Ok Im Going To Take A Nap Now

Ok Ok Staying Up All Night

One Does Not Simply Go To Sleep

Other Dads Putting Their Kids To Bed

Pandas Who Get Enough Sleep


Piss Off Sun

Please Can We Keep Him

Regret Wasting Time On The Internet

I Cant Sleep At Night

I Dont Always Chew On Plastic Bags

I Dont Always Go To Bed Early

I Dont Know Man

I Dont Know Who Is Calling Me At 5 AM


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