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We have written cute and motivating lines about Labour Day. These include the history of Labour day and how it is being celebrated worldwide. 

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How do we celebrate Labor Day for kids?

Children are the future of the nation. It is necessary to realize our kids’ importance of hard work and Labour. It should be celebrated in schools and in-home. OParentsshould tells their children stories of Labour and the short line about Labour DDay on May ay. 

Easy lines on Labour Day for kids and Students

  • World Labour Day is celebrated in all countries of the world to emphasize the potential of laborers for development.


  • Laborers are the running force to lift the economy of a country.


  • To run the factories and industries of the country, a nation must have hard-working laborers.


  • The industrial zone started the Labor Day celebration to utilize the laboring majority.


  • I wish on this labor day that industrialists pay a handsome amount to the Labourers who work day and night.


  • A big tribute to those laborers working in industries, mines, factories, and many other places without caring for their health.


  • We should stand with our labor community against the injustice they face throughout the year on this labor day.
  • Labour Day, also known as May Day, was regarded as an opportunity to highlight the problems that workers’ problems in a factory and solve them.


  • By labor day, the working environment of an organization can be improved, which increases the productivity of an organization and the economy.


  • May Day is the celebration of workers’ labor. It can be the best time for many laborers’ rights and give them respect.


  • Laborers are a mighty helping hand in raising the revenue and economy of the country thus. They benefit the organizations and the whole world.


  • Labour day shows the unity and power of laborers.


  • On Labour Day, all the organizations should provide facilities to their workers for their extraordinary performance throughout the year.


  • The government has started many relief projects for laborers for their betterment.


  • Labors are the base of the growing economy of society. It reminds us to provide facilities to laborers they are usually deprived of.


  • Every Labour is a sign of prosperity in a region. All those who provide their services earn low under the umbrella of labor day.  

labour day essay

Labour Day is largely celebrated on 1st day of May because the Labour Union and the American Federation of Organized Trades demanded 8 hour working period on this day in 1884, and the demand came to force on 1st May, 1886.

On 1st May, 1923, Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan in Chennai (Madras) celebrated the first Labour Day in India. Labour Day is a holiday and is celebrates across various states in India including Assam, Bihar, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, etc. In most of the countries,

Labour Day is observed on different dates in other countries having their own significance. Like in Canada and United Sates, Labor Day is celebrated on first Monday that comes in September month which signifies the Official end of the Summer holidays and schools and colleges will be re-open from that week or the very next week.

Labour Day is an annual holiday which originates from Labour Union Movement, also known as Eight-Hour Day Movement. In United States, Labor Day came into force from the efforts of American Labor Movement. Labor Day was popularized by the Knights of Labor and the Central Labor Union, and organized their first parade of Labor Day in New York City.

Labour Day Essay for Students and Children

  • 1st May of every year is marked in the calendar as Labour Day. It was first started in India in 1923 by the Labour Kisan Party of India. It was the time when Labour Union Movement was started in America.


  • Previously labor day was celebrated mainly by trade unions and organizations. But now any professional or person who works hard can celebrate this day.


  • It is the day to understand the contribution of everyone towards the society, whoever is working and playing a role for the betterment of this society. They can be doctors, army men, engineers, factory workers, or homemakers. 

Eassay on Labour Day

With the rise of industrialization, capitalists started to misbehave with workers. They were forced to work inhumane hours. But were not paid enough. This rise the celebration of Labour Day.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels introduced the socialistic system. They were the men who presented the theory of labor’s rights.

The Labour movement was started in America by laborers who demanded eight hours of working with proper wages and incentives.

Many schools, colleges, and universities remain closed to celebrate Labour Day. It is regarded as a public holiday all over the world.  

Speech on Labour Day for Students

  • Labour day is one way to make every laborer realize how important they are, and we feel so fortunate to have you around us.


  • Labour Day is an annual National salute to all workers of a nation. It is the day to tell laborers about the social and economic achievements a country gains through their hard work.


  • Today on Labour day, we are admiring the accomplishments of hard-working men and women. Different countries celebrate the day in different ways and also on other dates. It is a fact no company and country can flourish if it doesn’t have hard-working Labourers. 

Few Lines on Labour Day for Kids

  • Different names known for labor day are May Day, Kamgar din, Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas, Uzhao polar naal, and many others.


  • It is greeting workers for their courage and strength.


  • More than 80 countries of the world celebrate holidays on this day.


  • Labour day unites workers to make them an immense power that fights all the situations to lift the society to the sky.


  • This is an important day to give laborers a rest from daily work. To enable them to refresh themselves with their families and gain more energy.


  • Labour day brings the motivation to the citizen to work hard.


  • Every one of us should work for our society to enrich it with the strength of Labour. Let’s promise on this Labour day never to turn your face to work hard. Show your potential and reach your society to the noble one.

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