14th August Wishes – Pakistan Independence Day Wishes & Cards

14th August Wishes: Pakistan Independence Day is the national day in Pakistan and is celebrated annually on 14 August.

On this day in 1947, Pakistan became the world’s first Islamic republic when it gained independence from British rule.

History of Pakistani Independence Day
Pakistan had been part of the colony of India since the 18th century, firstly as part of the East India Company and then as part of the British Indian Empire.

In 1947, the act of independence created the ‘Dominion of Pakistan’ which covered two different geographic areas known as East and West Pakistan. In 1971 following the Bangladesh Liberation War, East Pakistan parted from West Pakistan and became Bangladesh.

Did you know?
The name Pakistan is a conjunction of two words ‘Pak’ meaning ‘Pure’ in Urdu and Persian, and ‘Stan’ meaning ‘Land’. The name was also promoted in a pamphlet produced by the Muslim movement in 1933 – ” Punjab, North-West Frontier Province (Afghan Province), Kashmir, Sindh, and Baluchistan”. The ‘i’ was added to aid pronunciation.

Independence happened at midnight between 14 August and 15 August 1947, which is why the tradition in Pakistan has been to celebrate the 14 August whereas 15 August is Independence Day in India.

How is Pakistani Independence Day celebrated?

This day is an occasion to promote patriotism and national unity and is observed in much the same way as Pakistan Day.

14th August Wishes For Your Friends & Family

  • This Nation Will Remain The Land Of The Free Only So Long As It Is The Home Of The Braves & Soldiers… Happy Independence Day

  • Let’s have a commitment and promise that we will not repeat our past 69 years of national mistakes” let’s spread the message of unity, care, and hospitality so that optimism instead of negativity about my land. LIVE for NOTHING DIE for SOMETHING! Say it loud and proud, PAKISTAN zindabad. I am proud to be a PAKISTANI. HAppy 14 August

  • Before 1947 August 14, the world never know the meaning of freedom, it was Pakistan who taught the world the true meaning of freedom, Be proud to be Pakistani, Happy Independence Day

  • Let’s Celebrate Freedom by Promoting a Human rights Culture in which Respect, dignity, and equality Become a code for the living. This will be our role to Live up to our dreams. Happy Independence Day

  • Let’s revere the great martyrs who make us enjoy freedom by sacrificing their lives. Happy 14 August!

  • Dunia ma tum Jaha be Raho Ye Kehna se tum na daro Mera Watan meri jan I Love My Pakistan “Happy Independence Day”

  • We are a nation, Built on harmony, development, Prosperity, and peace, Achieving milestones for a better future, Happy independence day.

  • Hum Ney tou mit Jana hai Ay Arzy Watan Lekin Tum ko Salamat rehna hai Qayamat ki Sehar hony tak. 14 August Mubarak ho.

  • The Love Of My Nation Is Worthiness, The Love Of My People Is Endless, All That I Need For My Country Is Happiness, Let Me Be The First One To Wish You A Happy Independence Day