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No guest posts are entertained on our website.

We would like to inform the potential writers that we do not entertain any inquiry related to the guest post.

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As our website is all about wishes, messages, gifts, quotes and happening festivals, therefore, we always open-heartedly welcome those writers on our website, who are capable of delivering quality content which is embedded with relevancy and creativity.

If you have a strong grip over English and you can convince the world with your creative magic then, feel free to read our article posting guidelines below, which will facilitate you in sending us your precious piece of work.


Our Requirements:

  1. Length of the Article

We accept the posts/articles with the length of between 1500-3000. If you think, more words are required then, feel free to add them but, don’t forget about its relevancy with our website.

  1. Copywrite of the Article is Transferred to Us

If you wish to write for us then, you need to understand that once you send us the content, you are basically transferring it’s copy-writes and ownership to us. Your Name and Id shall not be included in the post, whatsoever

  1. Relevant Content

We only accept those articles or posts which are relevant to our website i.e. greeting, quotes, messages, and festivals. No other inquiries or post shall be entertained.

  1. Hyperlinking/ Referral Policy

We allow the writers to add the referral links from any domain in the content however, the domain should consist of the relevant information.

  1. Quality is our only Agenda

When it comes to writing articles and adding referrals in the posts then, our focus is only on the quality of the content. Before posting any article, we always check its quality and process it with the help of a multiple software in order to determine it worth.

  1. We don’t Entertain Author Bio Links

As we do not accept any sort of guest posts, therefore, we will not entertain author bio links on our website. Our posts are always ghost based. If you are interested in posting author bio links then, they will be no-follow in nature.

  1. Double Posting and Content Removal Policy

If the sent article is already posted on another website or if it goes live within a week then, we shall delete your article from our website, without any prior notice.

  1. Requirement Fulfilled? Send us Right Away

If you have succeeded in fulfilling all the above-mentioned requirement then, what are you waiting for? Send us your content right away.

For becoming a part of our team, follow the contact/Captcha guidelines below.


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If you have any questions/query or if you need any sort of professional guidance then, feel free to contact us by providing the information below.

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