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Sweet Quotes For Boyfriend

Sweet Quotes For Boyfriend

Tired of doing the usual way of showing your love and affection to your boyfriend? Then why not consider sending him sweet quotes for boyfriend, This is indeed the fastest and surest way to express your love and affection to him. Sending him quotes will surely make him love you more and more. Aside from being fascinating and unique, these quotes will make your sweetheart feel some strange feeling inside that he might have never felt before. These cute quotes are indeed the most reliable and romantic ways to capture his heart forever.

Funny Love Quotes For Boyfriend:

Hopefully, these sweet quotes for boyfriend to say to your most loved man in your life will impress you, and more significantly will excite and amaze your significant other. While these cute, romantic and a bit funny sayings are relatively simple, they will in the least let your man have a good laugh as well as feel like you really love him unconditionally. If you are looking to be a cute and funny girlfriend, sending any of these quotes to him is highly recommended.

Sweet Quotes For Boyfriend


Sweet Quotes For Boyfriend

Sweet Quotes For Boyfriend

Sweet Quotes For Boyfriend

Sweet Quotes For Boyfriend

Sweet Quotes For BoyfriendSweet Quotes For Boyfriend

  • The first day you came into my life, I realized that you will stay here until the end.

  • I am of the believe that dreams can surely come true, because mine did when we both met. I will never leave you, my love!

  • This is a saying that this type of love is only once in a life. And i say for me that one is you. My today and tomorrow is all for you. Love you from the depth of my heart and soul.

  • All I know of love is just because of you. Please never leave me. My life is just an empty flame without you.

  • I know that my feelings for you are real. As i spend more time thinking of you than myself.

  • Lets surrender our rights and wrongs. Lets get into each others’ arms and let ourselves complete each other will the beautiful feeling of love.

  • Your eyes are like mirror to me.

  • I started loving my life till the day i met you. I love you my dear boyfriend.

  • All i know about love is just because of you. Please always be with me and do love me this way the whole life.

  • Only you are the one who can make me feel carefree. I love you a lot.

  • You have made my heart brighter than a brightest candle. Thank you for being in my heart and completing me.

  • I want to be in your arms because even my soul feels peaceful. I thank God that you are my husband and i believe that you will always be there for me. And I will also be there for you all the time.

Sweet Quotes For Boyfriend

  • He’s annoying he’s hilarious, he makes me yell, he drives me crazy, he’s out of his mind but he’s everything I want.

  • “What’s so special about him?” “Nothing, it’s just that there’s nothing special without him.”

  • Sometimes I love you. Sometimes I want to punch you in the face.

  • I like your last name. Can I have it?

  • Yeah, I know he’s cute but he’s mine. Touch him and I’ll kill you.

  • I just want to thank you for being my reason to look forward to the next day.

  • I can talk to hundreds of people in one day but none of them compare to the smile you can give me in one minute.

  • When I look at you I see a lot of things; best friend, my boyfriend, my secret holder, my tear stopper, my future.

  • I love my crazy goofy but so amazing boyfriend.

  • He calls me beautiful like it’s my name

  • “Thank you, my love, for always making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.”

  • You know that I am not perfect but you make me feel perfect and beautiful in every way. Thank you.

  • Babe, thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for making me smile like crazy. Thank you for making me happy.

  • The moment when he rolls over puts his arm around me and pulls me closer in his sleep, this makes life complete.

  • The best boyfriend isn’t the best-looking, the funniest, or the richest. It’s the one that makes sure you know he loves you.

  • I find the most beautiful moment’s of life aren’t just with you but because of you. – Leo Christopher

Sweet Quotes For Boyfriend

  • It’s amazing how one day someone walks into your life, and then the next day you wonder how you lived without them.

  • I don’t want a perfect boyfriend. I just want someone to act silly with, someone who treats me well and loves being with me more than anything.

  • When I am with you I don’t need the warmth of a jacket or the light from a bulb; you are like a flame that gives me soft warmth and perfect light.

  • No one can ever replace your love. In my heart and in my soul, you will always be my one and only love.

  • When you came into my life, there is now no reason for my fear. Thank you for making me feel secure all the time.

  • Your laughter drew me to you, but your caring heart is why I want to spend forever with you.

  • My love for you is timeless and endless…

  • I cannot imagine a life in your absence. You are like the breathe of air that I need to live, the drop of water in a thirsty desert. I need you like a bird needs the skies to go higher – Constantine Jake.

  • Love is the emblem of eternity; it confounds all notion of time; effaces all memory of a beginning, all fear of an end – Madame de Staël.

  • Love is not blind, it sees more not less; But because it sees more it chooses to see less.

  • For it was not into my ear you whispered but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed but my soul – Judy Garland.

  • Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control.

  • I just want to lay on your chest…

Sweet Quotes For Boyfriend

Sweet Quotes For Boyfriend

Sweet Quotes For Boyfriend

Sweet Quotes For Boyfriend

Sweet Quotes For Boyfriend

Sweet Quotes For Boyfriend

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