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The Introspective Pug is a wistful little guy. It started off with a picture of a pug looking dejectedly out a car window. People have since put captions on it making the cute little pug seem to contemplate the meaning of his own existence.If the Internet conducted a survey of cutest dog breeds of all time, pugs would definitely make the top five. There’s something about bulging eyes, wrinkled faces, squished noses, and heavy breathing that speaks directly to our sappy hearts. But behind those adorable little faces, have you ever wondered what pugs are actually thinking about?

Luckily, the Internet has answered these questions for itself, in the best way it knows how: memes. Check out The Best Introspective Memes for Pugs and see just how philosophical man’s best friend can be.

I love memes. I can’t help it. And my oldest daughter is obsessed with pugs. She loves them as much as I love memes. Maybe because they’re cute and sort of not cute at the same time, I don’t know. But pugs are awesome and it turns out there are a ton of Pug aficionados out there. Pug aficionados who also like Memes On Pugs!

So guess what I’m doing? THAT’S RIGHT – a round up of the cutest and funniest Funny Memes Pugs on the internet. Let’s go!

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