Happy Mothers Day Greetings 2019 [100+ Mothers Day Wishes Greetings]

Happy Mothers Day Greetings

Happy Mothers Day Greetings

Mother is the most special person in anyone’s life. Everyone loves his mother more than any other person. You’ve to let your mother know about your unconditional and intense love for her by sharing happy Mothers day greetings with her. You can utilize lovely messages for your mom in various ways. You can either create wonderful cards or  buy some and compose your happy Mothers day greetings on those cards. You can post on them on Facebook, write them down on a banner or send them as an instant messages to your mother.


One good mother is worth a hundred schoolmasters. -George Herbert


Happy Mothers Day Greetings


Here is our collection of the most touching and heartfelt happy Mothers day greetings.


  • A mother can not be defined by words. She sees everything, says something. Sacrifices everything, complains something. Gives everything, expects something. Mom is simply the greatest person. I Love You so much mom. Thank you for everything.


  • With you, I was rude and moody sometimes and even screamed. But you always made sure that I stay happy and in good mood. Your heart was always very soft and like an open door to me. I love you for everything you have sacrificed for me.


  • A mother has a toughest job in this world. It is even more tough than any CEO. The CEO of any company runs that company while mother change the lives. CEOs make employees while mothers make CEOs. I love you so much mom. You are the most important person in my life.


  • I give a tribute to a wonderful woman in this world who works very hard to raise her children and to give them good future. She is a superwoman and yes… SHE IS MY MOM. I love you very much mom. You’re a great woman.


Happy Mothers Day Greetings


Mothers Day Greetings Quotes


Numerous different thoughts are additionally there. You can utilize the thoughts from your psyche as much as you want to because sending your happy Mothers day greetings is definitely going to cheer your mother!


  • Mothers give up so much, so that their children can have so much. -Catherine Pulsifer

  • Despite the fact that we ought to show adoration to you mother each and every day, Mother’s Day is that one day when we demonstrate the most love for you, and make you feel like a Queen. -Sheila Sage, Quotes to Inspire Motherhood

  • A mother is a woman who shows you the light when you just see the dark. -Grimaldos Robin

  • Never undermine yourself because you are ‘just’ a house mom. -Tracey Taylor, Stay At Home Mom

  • Mother: the most beautiful word on the lips of mankind. -Kahlil Gibran

  • My mother was the dearest, sweetest angel. She didn’t talk, she sang. She was a tower of strength. -Jayne Meadows

  • It is true, however, that Edison felt that he owed his start in life to his mother’s patient teaching and her commitment to nurturing his early curiosity and love of learning. -Michael Simmons, Thomas Edison: American Inventor

  • This mothering role will teach you more about yourself than you ever expected.-Tricia Goyer, Teen Mom: You’re Stronger Than You Think

  • I look back on my childhood and thank the stars above. For everything you gave me, but mostly for your love. -Wayne F. Winters

  • Mother-love is the great, surging, divine current that plays forever through humanity. -Elbert Hubbard

  • A mother is the one who is still there when everyone else has deserted you. -Author Unknown

  • My mother is the neatest person I know. I mean that in every sense of the word.-Rob Guinan, Soap Opera (for kids): A Clean Look at Motherhood


Happy Mothers Day Greetings

Happy Mothers Day Greetings


Mothers Day Greetings


  • If I have to make a perfect selfie. It would not be complete without my mom. Thank you for playing such a great role in my life. I love you mom.


  • I may not be able to be like you but you will always be my inspiration. You are the best woman in this world for me.


  • I am not at all afraid of dying because I have already seen heaven when I rest my head on my mom’s shoulder. You are my inspiration and my favorite person. I love you so much mom.


  • A mother is someone who can bear you and hear your lies even if she knows you are lying. Mom, you are the best person in my life and you deserve nothing less than best. I want to thank you for everything you have done for me but words are not enough to thank you.


  • I can not describe my love for my mom by words. You mean a world to me. If anyone one wants to know how much I love you, he has to go inside my heart. My love for you is a never ending thing. I love you so very much mama.


  • The way you took my care and bring me to this stage and loved me so much. I can never return you a bit of a favor you have done to me. You have sacrificed your everything for me. I love you for all this mommy.


  • You are my first and the best teacher. What you have given me is something on the next level and can not be compared with the schools and colleges. I love you mom. Thank you for giving your love to me.


Happy Mothers Day Greetings


Happy Mothers Day Greetings Messages


  • You are the best mom but you are also my best friend. I can share my problems with you like a friend and you give me the best possible suggestion like a best friend. Love you for this mom. I am so grateful to have such a loving and caring mom.


  • I know that you will always be my well wishes and I know that you have a strong heart full of love for your children behind these soft hugs. Your hugs make me love you more. You are my superhero mom. I love you


  • I am not always happy with you, I may be angry on you sometimes, I may not be nice to you sometimes, I may not hug you. But remember one thing that I always love you so much I will keep doing the same way. You are the best mom in this world.


  • Dear mom, you are the one who has made our family and who has made our house, a home. I love you. Dad is so lucky to have a partner like you and I am so lucky to have you as my mommy.


  • You are a super glue for our family that is holding all the family together. Without you our family will not be the same way as it is now. I wish that you live a very long life with good health and all your wishes come true. Love you so much mom.


  • I am so thankful to God for giving me such a great mother. I am so lucky to be your son and I feel so blessed to have you as my mother. Love you and I will never let you go far.


Happy Mothers Day Greetings


Mothers Day Messages Poems


What better way to share your happy Mothers day greetings other than to share a poem along with heartfelt notes, I think there is a short Mother’s Day poem for any mom at any stage of motherhood for you to choose from in our collection of happy Mothers Day greetings poems below.


  • A mother who always cares,
    A mother who’s always there,
    who always prays,
    who always stays.
    When things get rough,
    life gets tough,
    When all is just too much to bear,
    God’s Word she shares.
    God’s light she shines.
    So blessed God made this mother mine.


  • New Mom.
    New fun.
    So blessed.
    This one.
    Long nights.
    Short days.
    Go back?
    No way.


Happy Mothers Day Greetings



  • I see you’re tired when I get home.
    You feel some days you’re all alone.
    But what you’re doing is priceless, dear,
    And one day you’ll look back–one year.
    Far from now when these kids are grown,
    You’ll remember the days you spent at home.
    Wiping noses, washing dishes,
    Having tea parties, getting kisses.
    Playing ball and tying shoes,
    Dressing dolls and kissing boo-boo’s,
    Then you’ll look at me with tearful eyes,
    and know you got the better prize.


  • My Mother, my friend so dear
    Throughout my life you’re always near.
    A tender smile to guide my way
    You’re the sunshine to light my day.


  • Best friends forever mom and me
    Picking flowers and climbing trees.
    A shoulder to cry on secrets to share
    Warm hearts and hands that really care.


  • When you’re a child she walks before you,
    To set an example.
    When you’re a teenager she walks behind you
    To be there should you need her.
    When you’re an adult she walks beside you
    So that as two friends you can enjoy life together..





Happy Mothers Day Greetings Messages


Your happy Mothers day greetings, messages and wishes are bound to make her heart sing.


  • You’re the best person in my life and the person I need most in my life. Now I came to know that I can not spend my life without you.


  • Mom, I feel like a luckiest person on this planet to have such a great and loving mother. I want to thank you for everything that you have done for me. But I know that I will not find words to thank you because your sacrifices are beyond description. I love for everything mom. You are the best mom in whole world.


  • Thank you for making me proud and feeling proud of my strengths, and never feeling ashamed of my disabilities. Thanks for everything.


  • Your love has a magical touch and you are perfect. The bond between both of us is irreplaceable and unbreakable. The warmth of your love has made me love you even more. I guarantee you that no one can love you the way I do. I love you mom. May your life be filled with the happiness and joy.


  • I have lived so awesome life because you are a part of it. You are the most amazing thing in my life and a valuable treasure that I will never want to lose. I can’t even think of living my life without you and your love. Thank for loving me this much.


  • Throughout my life, my childhood, my teenage and my adulthood, you have always been my inspiration. You are the best woman in the world. Or I must say that you are my world. All these years I have passed, I realized that I am nothing without you. I can’t spend my life without you. And whatever I am and wherever I am today is just because of you. I love you mommy.
Happy Mothers Day Wishes For All Moms
  •  A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavour by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.
  • Sometimes, mothers say and do things that seem like they don’t want their kids but when you look more closely, you realize that they’re doing those kids a favor. They’re just trying to give them a better life.
  • A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dates all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path
  • Motherhood is a choice you make every day, to put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own, to teach the hard lessons, to do the right thing even when you’re not sure what the right thing is…and to forgive yourself, over and over again, for doing everything wrong .
  • Mothers, I believe, intoxicate us. We idolize them and take them for granted. We hate them and blame them and exalt them more thoroughly than anyone else in our lives. We sift through the evidence of their love, reassure ourselves of their affection and its biological genesis. We can steal and lie and leave and they will love us.
  • Because even if the whole world was throwing rocks at you, if you had your mother at your back, you’d be okay. Some deep-rooted part of you would know you were loved. That you deserved to be loved

Happy Mothers Day Greetings


Mothers Day Greeting Card


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  • No matter how many girls come in my life. You will always be the most amazing lady in my life. You are the love of my life and the reason I am here in this world. I love you so much mama.


  • Every mother takes responsibility for the achievement of her children. But only good mothers take the responsibility of their children’s failures too. You are one of the greatest moms in this world. And a most important lady in my life. I love you.


  • Mom, you were always there for me to support me, you were always there for me whenever I needed you, you always stood by me, you always made my day when I was down, you always love me more than I deserve. I love for you this mom. Thank you for always being there for me and supporting me.


  • Lots of love to the queen of our little kingdom, to the queen of my daddy and to the most loving mom in this world. I love you very much. My love for you can not be measured.


  • You always gave me the best and better than I deserve. Gave me a wonderful life. You are a wonderful lady, a best wife and an awesome and loving mom. I love you mom for being such a great mother and for taking care of me more than I deserve.


  • You have always been a good mother as well as a good father for me. You filled up the father’s space in my life and I wish you a wonderful and awesome life. I promise that I will make you every wish complete.

Happy Mothers Day Quotes From Daughter

  • I don’t know what it is about food your mother makes for you, especially when it’s something that anyone can make – pancakes, meat loaf, tuna salad – but it carries a certain taste of memory.
  • A mother’s body remembers her babies the folds of soft flesh, the softly furred scalp against her nose. Each child has its own entreaties to body and soul .
  • My mother had a slender, small body, but a large heart-a heart so large that everybody’s joys found welcome in it, and hospitable accommodation
  • My mother was the one constant in my life. When I think about my mom raising me alone when she was 20, and working and paying the bills, and, you know, trying to pursue your own dreams, I think is a feat that is unmatched.
  • When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.
  • Dear Mother, I pray for you to have a healthy life so that you can not only live long enough to see me through as much of my life as possible, but so you can live happily enough to get the most out of your time. You have always made sure I was taken care of, nursed me through illnesses and stood by me on bad and good times. I love you and I will always care for you.
  • Mother I hope you will let me join you in those things that you put off in order to devote so much of your life to raising me. I’ve been your child and you’ve been my confidante, my supporter, and my friend. Please let me now be your support in the same way you have been my support throughout my whole life.




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