Best Happy Friendship Day Poems For Your Best Friends

Happy Friendship Day Poems

The Best Song Without Lyrics Is Friendship The Best Tune Without Tempo Is Friendship So Let’s Celebrate The Happy Friendship Day With The Best Happy Friendship Day Poems We Dedicate To Our Best Friends And Make This Day A Very Special And Check Out Our Best Happy Friendship Day Poems 2018 On This Happy Friendship Day.


Happy Friendship Day Poems 2017


2018 Happy Friendship Day Poems

  • We’Ve Been Through So Much Together
    In So Little Time We’ve Shared
    I Will Never Forget All The Moments
    That You’ve Shown Me How Much You Cared.


  • Friends Are Forever
    Especially The Bond That You And I Possess
    I Love Your Fun-Filled Personality
    Somehow You Never Fail To Impress.


  • The World Could Use More People Like You
    It Would Certainly Be A Better Place
    I Love Everything About You
    You Are Someone I Could Never Replace.


Best Happy Friendship Day Poems

Check Out The Best Friendship Day Poems On This Special Dedicate Your Favorite Poem To Your Best Buddies Till  Date And It Will Be Awesome When You Sing For Them And Send Through Whatsapp So Just Scroll Down And Check Out Our Best Collection On Happy Friendship Day Poems For Your Friends.


  • You Are Always There For Me
    When My Spirits Need A Little Lift
    I Cannot Thank You Enough For That
     Are Truly An Extraordinary Gift.


  • You Are Everything To Me And More
    I Could Never Express That Enough
    Life Is Such A Treacherous Journey, And
    Without You, It Would Be Even tougher.


  • Our Story Will Continue To Grow
    With Each Passing Day
    Because I Trust That With You By My Side
    Everything Will Always Be Okay.


Top Happy Friendship Day Poems

  • You Are So Dear To Me
    You Know I Will Love You Until The End
    I Will Always Be There For You, And
    You Will Always (And Forever) Be My Best Friend.


  • Best Friends
    The Title We Chose
    But What Does It Mean To Be “Best Friends”?
    You Should See Each Other Every Day?
    Well That’S Not True For You And Me
    Should Silly Little Fights Get In Our Way?
    Only If That’S How It’S Meant To Be
    Should We Give?
    Should We Borrow?
    Secrets Are Traded
    Privacy Invaded
    Hugs And Smiles Are Shared
    Tears Are Shed
    Love Is Spread
    We Know That We Both Really Cared
    I Smile, You Smile
    You Cry, I Cry
    I Wish, You Wish
    You Die, I Die
    If You Fall
    I’Ll Help You Up
    And If You Call
    I’Ll Always Pick Up
    Best Friends Forever
    The Promise We Made
    And I Know In My Heart
    That It Will Never Fade.


  • Best Friends Are Angels,
    That God Sent Along.
    They Always Stay Beside You,
    Whenever Things Go Wrong.
  • I’M Glad That God Blessed Me,
    With A Good Friend Such As You.
    A Person To Be There,
    A Person To Get Me Through.


  • Never Turn Away From Me,
    I Can’T Bear To Be Apart.
    All The Pain And Suffering,
    Will Be Too Much For My Heart.
  • You Are My Best Friend,
    The One That Brightens My Day.
    The One That Cheers Me Up.


  • They Say That True Friendship Is Rare
    An Adage That I Believe To Be True
    Genuine Friendship Is Something That I Cherish
    I Am So Lucky To Have Met You.


Famous Happy Friendship Day Poems

  • A Smile Is A Cheer From You To Me,
    The Cost Is Nothing It’S Given For Free.
    They Console The Weary And Gladden The Sad.
    And Can Make Someone Happy When They Are Mad.
    Unlike Blessings In Which We Pray
    It’S The Only Thing You Keep When You Give It Away.
    Happy Friendship Day
  • Like A Daisy In The Sun,
    She’S My Friend She’S No.1,
    She Still Remembers Shes No.1,
    So If You Think Your Feeling Down,
    Give A Friend A Call Shell Clean The Frown.
    Cause A Friend Is There When The World Spins Round.
    Happy Friendship Day
  • A Friend Is Someone We Turn To,
    When Our Spirits Need A Lift.
    A Friend Is Someone We Treasure,
    For Our Friendship Is A Gift.
    Friend Is Someone Who Fills Our Lives,
    With Beauty, Joy And Grace.
    And Make The World We Live In,
    A Better And Happier Place.
    Happy Friendship Day


Inspirational Happy friendship day poems
  • Friends In High School Are Forever Young.
    Unchanged, They’Re Where You Always Will Belong.
    The Crowd Is Never Gone, The Pleasure Stays,
    The Music Of The Moment Always Plays
    The Time Remains A Field Of Wistful Grace
    To Which You May Return From Anyplace.
    Of Course, You May Still Know Them Later On
    When You Are Someone Else And Years Have Run;
    And You May Love Them Dearly, And They You,
    But Time Must Make Their Friendship Something New.
    Meanwhile, Flourishing Within Your Heart
    There Is A Whole, Of Which You Were A Part:
    A Group Of Friends, One In Love And Pain,
    In Whom Your Longing Comes Alive Again.


  • I Still Remember The First Day We Met
    We Were Too Shy To Say Much At All
    It’S Funny To Think Back To That Time.
    Because Now We’Re Having A Ball!
    Happy Friendship Day

Best Happy Friendship Day Poems

  • You are my best friend; you belong in my heart.
    We go through ups and downs, but still nothing can tear us apart.
    I know you as a sister, and I will always care.
    Love, respect, and trust are the things we share.

  • A friend like you is hard to find,
    one that touches you deep inside.
    You’ve given me strength to carry on,
    you’ve offered your hand to hold on.

  • I could skip a heartbeat, and I would survive.
    I could be in a car crash, and still be alive.
    The clouds could fall out of the sky.
    The oceans could disappear and all turn dry.
  • We are friends.
    I’ve got your back,
    And you have mine.
    I’ll help you out

  • I still remember the first day we met.
    We were too shy to say much at all.
    It’s funny to think back to that time,
    Because now we’re having a ball!

  • I met you as a stranger, then took you as my friend.
    Our friendship is something that will never end.
    When I was in darkness that needed some light,
    You came to me and hugged me tight.

Few More Happy Friendship Day Poems

  • The Love of a Friend

    Like music heard on still waters, 
    Like pines when the wind passeth by, 
    Like pearls in the deep of the ocean, 
    Like stars which enamel the sky, 
    Like June and the odor or roses, 
    Like dew and the freshness of morn, 
    Like sunshine which kisses the clover, 
    Like tassels of silk on the corn, 
    Like notes of thrush in the woodland, 
    Like brooks where violets grown, 
    Like rainbows that arch the blue heaven, 
    Like clouds when the sun dippeth low, 
    Like dreams of Arcadian pleasure 
    Like colors which gracefully blend, 
    Like everything breathing of pureness, 
    Like these is the love of a friend.

  • A Friend is a Treasure

    A Friend is a Treasure
    A friend is someone we turn to,
    when our spirits need a lift.
    A friend is someone we treasure,
    for our friendship is a gift.
    A friend is someone who fills our lives,
    with beauty, joy and grace.
    And make the world we live in,
    a better and happier place.

  • Love In The Guise Of Friendship

    By Robert Burns

    Your friendship much can make me blest,
    O why that bliss destroy!
    Why urge the only, one request
    You know I will deny!

    Your thought, if Love must harbour there,
    Conceal it in that thought;
    Nor cause me from my bosom tear
    The very friend I sought.

  • Your Kind of Friendship

    It takes more than caring
    To be a real friend;
    The nature of friendship;
    Requires a blend
    Of warmest compassion
    And love deep and true
    To reach and to comfort
    The way that you do.
    Because I can see
    That your kind of friendship
    Is priceless to me.

  • See, shes the one I trust the most.

    See, shes the one I trust the most.
    Always there when I’m alone.
    Might have our fights, but it’s all good in the end.
    Anytime I’m sad, she’s there by my side.
    Now, every day that goes by,
    The feeling I have gets closer to her.
    Hating how we act sometimes, but best friends stay forever.
    And all these letters spell out her name.
    Sam, you’re the best
    Unknown Author

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