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Happy 3rd Birthday 

It won’t be wrong to state that 3rd birthday of any kid is the most special occasion for the parents and their family members because that specific day retells them of all the past struggles, good memories, and pain they have witnessed for the last three years.Most of the people typically don’t consider the 3rd birthday of the kid as a distinct event, however, you can effortlessly turn this day into an incredible one by writing charming Happy 3rd Birthday wishes for the kid you adore the most.

It is important to understand that at the age of 3 children are usually capable of understanding their surroundings and they can easily perceive the importance of their birthday, due to the same reason, Happy 3rd birthday wishes should be written with sheer perfection by taking help from some of the loving words and impactful wishes.

We have faith that Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes should comprise of all the past memories from the 1st and 2nd birthday because this thing will bring extra smile and happiness on the face of readers and will help them in understanding the fact that writer of the wish is concerned about the child.

We always recommend our reader to use those words in the wishes which are easy to read and easy to understand at the very same time. Easy things can easily be remembered and what could be better than winning the heart of our person with the help of some incredible words?

The Happy 3rd Birthday wishes on our website are fashioned while using the following ingredients of affection, delight, remembrances and matchless heart-filled words, which are supplementary mixed with the modified messages provided by our victors


Happy 3rd Birthday

  • Know why you’re so special today? It’s your special day, your birthday. You’ve just turned 3 years old today. Wow! Happy third birthday!
  • You turned three today. Do you know what that means? You are three times a little lady! Happy birthday!
  • Wow, you’re growing up so quickly. You’re already 3 years old today! It just seems like yesterday you were 3 days old. Happy Memorable birthday!
  • Turning 1 or 2 is cool! Turning 3, though, is super, super, super cool! Have a super cool 3rd birthday…as cool as you are!
  • You deserve three cheers. That’s because you’re 3 years old today. Hip, hip, hooray! Happy Lovely birthday!
  • For your birthday, you should get at least three of everything — three hugs, three kisses and three birthday candles with three birthday wishes. That’s because you’re 3 years old. Happy third birthday!
  • May your 3rd birthday make you three times as happy as your happiest day ever (with lots and lots of cake and gifts, hooray)!
  • This year, your third birthday will be full of friends, fun, and gifts! Happy birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday Princess

  • You may be a kid, but you affected so many lives already. You are our little angel who always turns a bad day to a day full of sunshine. Your laugh is infectious! I hope you will continue spreading good cheers to people around you as you grow old. Have a wonderful birthday, kid! I am wishing you lots of gifts and good health.
  • You cutie-patootie deserve all the sweets in the world because you are the sweetest kid I know. But of course, having perfect white teeth is important, so here is a sweet kiss on your forehead instead. Happy birthday, sweetie pie! I hope all your birthday wishes come true. Enjoy at your party!
  • Hey, you little man! You are growing up so fast! Why are you even in a hurry? Aren’t you enjoying doing nothing all day? Kidding! Stay energetic and full of spirit. I miss seeing you every day. One of these days, I am going to visit you. But for now, I am sending you all my hugs and all the gifts I have bought for your birthday. Happy third birthday little bro!
  • Hi, neighbor, happy birthday! Of all the kids I have seen in this neighborhood, you are the cutest and most adorable. I hope you grow up to be a well-rounded person. Have fun today!

Happy 3rd Birthday For Son

  • Sending you a genie to grant three birthday wishes. I hope you grow up to be a kind person. You would not understand me yet so I will not say that much. Happy birthday, kid!
  • You future heart breaker, I hope you will have a wonderful birthday today. I know someday you will break a lot of hearts with that charming smile of yours. Happy birthday
  • I miss cuddling with you, little girl, may not be around on your 3rd birthday (and I know you would not even notice) but sent you a birthday package,  hope you will love everything in there.Happy Happy birthday, little sis!
  • I hope this world will be less harsh when you grow up. Continue being a blessing to others and I hope you will never stop chasing your dreams. I know it’s a little early to give you some life advice but it is better than you are prepared. Kidding. Enjoy being young, enjoy being free, enjoy everything you have. Happy Lovely birthday, kiddo!
  • Hey you future architect like your daddy, it’s your birthday! I know you will be like your dad because you draw on the walls every day. I am pretty sure you are driving your mom crazy with all your abstract sketches.

Happy 3rd Birthday

  • To my dear little one, I can’t believe you have been with us for three years now. It seems like yesterday, you are just a tiny blip inside mommy’s tummy. Then after nine months of carrying you inside of me, plus three years of you here in the outside world, here you are becoming a wonderful kid, different from all the rest. You are such a blessing and I am forever grateful. Happy birthday, kiddo! I hope you will enjoy your party.
  • How time flies when you are having fun. I usually hear people complaining how hard it is to be a new parent but you made it so much easier for us. You made all my fears go away when you grew up to be such a happy and smart kid. I don’t know what I have done right to deserve a kid like you. Happy birthday, munchkin. I love you with all my heart!
  • You have been my favorite part of the day since you came in this world. With you, there is no dull moment, you always find a way to make your life filled with adventures.

Happy 3rd Birthday For Mom

  • Happy birthday, princess! We will catch a unicorn for you if we could. You are our bubbly little girl, I hope you will never change. Life has so much to offer you, I know. I love you more than anything else in this world.
  • You are my life’s greatest pleasures all rolled up into one. I can’t believe how a little kid could make my life this complete. Happy birthday, sweetie! In a few years, you will be leaving me for college. Don’t grow up so fast!
  • You are my dream come true. Do you know how many times I have prayed to have the cuddliest and smartest kid like you? You are all I need in this world, and I would not trade you for anything else. I love you so much! Happy Cool birthday!
  • You’re the first of many breakthroughs in this family, after you, there has been a lot of breakthroughs. But as the first, we celebrate your 3rd year with us. Happy Birthday.

Happy 3rd Birthday For Dad

  • Unlike husband and wife relationship where there’s possibility for divorce, I’m so certain of being your mother till forever and it fills me with so much of joy to know this. Very Happy Birthday son.
  • You are the third member of our family and this birthday is the third one for you. Happy Birthday, honey.
  • I remember what it’s like to be young. No matter what happens, hold on to your dreams as they will guide you farther than anything else possible. Happy Birthday.
  • Turning one is beautiful, turning two is nice and lovely but turning three is super-cool and exhilarating to behold. May God bless your new age and may He protect you. Have a happy birthday baby.
  • My baby is the sunshine and the beautiful moonlight and more radiant to my world as never before. I love you so much. Happy 3rd birthday of your life.
  • Happy Birthday, kiddo. Three years old and you are already trying to be a grown up!

Lovely 3rd Birthday Wishes

  • There are not enough kids like you. You know how to act when you need to act and that makes you an intelligent young child. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday my little friend. We could all use a bundle of energy in our life that we can learn from. We only get better by learning from each other.
  • Life has many ups and downs and you will learn that moving forward. You are only in your third year so you will have plenty of excitement, I promise. Happy Birthday, honey.
  • May your every day begins with the sweetest smile of yours. May you achieve everything in your life. With loads of loving my child. Happy Third Birthday!
  • I wish you a very Happy birthday my little friend. There are not many three-year-olds that I would consider cool but you are the lucky one. Enjoy it!

Happy 3rd Birthday
  • Wow! You are getting so big and you are only three years old! What can’t you do little guy? Happy Birthday my friend. You are going to get so big! RAWR!!!
  • Three years old and you are going to have the sweetest birthday of all time! Happy Birthday!
  • You are the most beautiful reason for me to be happy. I wish you a very Happy Birthday my sweet little three years old child.
  • My child! Be always happy because you don’t know who is getting happy with your cuteness and smile. Happy Joyful Birthday, sweetheart.
  • You are the jiffy of fantasy and sentiments puffed from the hands of God and sent to my lap. I am very grateful to have you. Happy Enjoyful Birthday, sweetie.
  • In the cookies of life, my baby doll is the chocolate chips pasted on them. Happy Third Birthday, my little cute daughter.
  • If you want to listen to the angel’s voice, just listen to the laughter of your child. I am so lucky to be blessed with the child like you. Have a wonderful 3rd birthday, my dear love.
  • Lovely Happy Birthday sweet little son, my entire world revolves around you. You are my heavens.
Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes
  • You are my special possession who adds joy to my every single day. Have a lovely 3rd birthday sweetheart.
  • I have learned two things from you, my child – to be happy with no reason and live a care-free life. I wish you a very happy birthday may your days brighter and nights happier.
  • You are my sweet baby who dipped into the caring solution and coated with love. You are the most enjoyable part of our lives. Happy Lovely Birthday, honey.
  • You are the great imitator of your father, I just love the way you act. Happy third Birthday, sweetie pie.
  • You are the Xerox copy of love, all my tiredness gets far apart when you are with me and I am feeling so relaxed in your company. Wishing you a happy third birthday my sweet child.
  • You are my baby who makes his parents love stronger, the days smaller, the nights lengthier, and the home happier. Happy birthday of your life my child.
  • You are the blessing upon us, a beautiful present from heavens, and a little angel which makes us relish. Happy birthday, my baby boy.
  • When I hold you in my arms, I feel so close to you and I feel you every time in my heart. Happy Enjoyful birthday of your life.
  • My baby puts his little hands in my palm. I feel I grasp the whole world. Happy Birthday my sweetest child, a very happy 3rd year of your life!
Happy 3rd Birthday For Daughter
  • You have the naughty eyes, the charming smile and speak the cute language of love. Happy 3rd Birthday sweetheart.
  • I want to be the first and last wish of you and I want to be the reason behind your smile. Happy 3rdBirthday my baby boy.
  • I believe that the perfect gift always comes from heavens. My baby is the best gift from the God. Thank you for making me the mother of such an adorable child. Happy Joyful Birthday my son!
  • Happy Birthday to the most spectacular three-year old I have ever laid eyes on, I hope you get to enjoy this day and all that comes with it. You will forever be in my heart, as you grow older; I wish you grow wiser, happier and super amazing. I love you.
  • Three candles for the cake of your birthday. Three years for the light of your life. Happy Birthday, little one!
  • Happy Birthday cute little three years old, you make me proud to be part of your life, have a great birthday dearie.
  • What can I possibly say or do to make this day more special than it is, you are the reason to breathe, eat and sleep and I love you for that, may you blow many more candles till you run out of breath. Happy Birthday, best baby.
Happy 3rd Birthday For Cousins
  • The world out there is cruel, dangerous and deceptive, I believe you can make it through it all; you are brave and just like your favorite superhero you will make it through. Happy Birthday!
  • You are the most important person in my life, I cannot help but want to protect you and make you feel safe. I love you and would do anything for you. Happy Birthday!
  • To the sweetest three-year-old, it is your birthday, you get to blow off those candles and make a special wish for only you. Use it wisely as your little trouble maker.
  • I am happy that I have you, that you are here with me and that I get to see you turn a year old. I hope you enjoy each and every moment, I love you newly three years old. Happy Birthday!
  • You can always count on me, whatever favor you need I hope I get the means to do it for you, you are my world and without you, I cease to exist. Have a happy birthday sweetheart.
  • You are beautiful, in every single way, my wish for you is that you one day know yourself well enough to never let anyone or anything pull you down. Happy third birthday dearie.
  • You are the most amazing three years old I have ever met, I love you to the moon and back and I hope you have the best birthday ever.
  • Three flowers for you, red in your hair, purple in your dress and white in your hand. Happy Third Birthday sweetie.

Happy 3rd Birthday
  • I want you to know that I love you dearly my little friend. Three years old and you have already gotten so big. I know you can’t wait for your party. A big cake for big boys! Happy Birthday!
  • What a special day it is for us in our family today, this young great man has turned three already. Hopefully, by your next birthday, you’ll just get married because you grow so fast. Happy Birthday, kid.
  • Happy Birthday little three-year-old, you are the most beautiful creature in my world and I will protect, love and keep you happy for as long as I am here. Have a hearty birthday dear one with all your friends and family cheering you on.
  • Can you count to three? Let’s try: One-year-old girl, a two-year-old girl, and a sweet three-year-old birthday girl!
  • Twinkle, twinkle, little star. Finding the sweetest birthday boy, we needn’t look far! Happy Third Birthday, Little Man.
  • Where are the happiest, sweetest three years old in the world? Oh, there she is — holding this birthday card – Love you!
Happy 3rd Birthday For Boyfriend
  • Roses are red, the sky is blue, no other three-year old’s as sweet as YOU! Happy Birthday.
  • Look at your fingers and count to three. That’s how many years you’ve been precious to me!
  • Lay down, sit up, walk and run. Hope your third birthday is FUN FUN FUN!
  • Giddy-up little cowpoke! The cows are in the barn and the horses are fed, let’s celebrate your third birthday then run off to bed.
  • Arrrggh, it’s birthday number three, little matey. Let’s set sail for adventure — and cake too!
  • Abra-Cadabra, Ala-Kazama, Presto! The most surprising, magical child is turning into a three-year-old!
  • Whatever the future holds, whatever tomorrow brings, when I see my three-year-old niece, my heart just sings! Happy Birthday.
  • Beautiful little boys don’t turn three years old every day. But this is YOUR day, sweet little man!
  • You are growing up strong, happy, smart — and your third birthday gives us a chance to show you how much we love you. Happy birthday!
  • Peekaboo! I see you — the most terrific three-year-old birthday boy in town!
  • Birthday cake? Check! Three candles? Check! Presents? Check? Sweetest little three years old ever? CHECK!
Happy 3rd Birthday For Girlfriend
  • Your 3rd birthday celebration brings to us an extreme joy, you are the beauty and glow added to our lives. Daddy and mommy love you so much. Happy Love birthday to our wonderful son. Keep growing.
  • May you become one of the greatest human beings to have ever graced the face of the earth. And may your pursuit of excellence make that achievable. Happy Sunshine birthday good child.
  • Happy Warm birthday to the little shining star of our family.
  • You are nothing but the biggest reason of smile. You reduce our all tensions and turned into relaxation. Happy birthday to the sweetest baby.
  • Always do what you love sweetie, as you turn three may all those things that make you smile fill your day. Happy Birthday, dear!
  • How fast you grow dear, I know one day you will be big enough to change the world and make it a better place. I love you and I hope you get to enjoy your third birthday.
  • One, two, three! And on and on and on. Happy Birthday to you young and pretty one, you look so cute that I wish you remain like this forever.

Happy 3rd Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday


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