Happy 18th Birthday! Welcome To The World Of Adults!

happy 18th birthday

Happy 18th Birthday

Celebrating the 18th birthday is very special. It is when a person transitions from being a minor to an adult. There is always the thrill, joy, and excitement in turning 18. Everyone will always make a big deal about it. Everyone wants to be celebrated as they make this huge transition in their life. Just like the 16th birthday, no one misses celebrating their 18th birthday. Therefore, a message to wish one a happy 18th birthday will always go a very long way. Below are some of the best wishes that will make the hearer happy and excited. These wishes speak volumes and will brighten anyone’s day.

Happy 18th birthday!

Happy 18th birthday!

Clever Happy18TH Birthday Wishes

  • Happy 18th birthday! Welcome to adulthood and responsibilities. You no longer get the luxury of being irresponsible because no one will clean after you. Even so, I am here for you because I love you. Adulthood is not scary; it is more fun so do not scare.
  • Happy birthday! Being 18 is not all that people make it out to be; it is much more. I wish you the best in this new age. Be responsible, and you will be fine. Happy birthday once again
  • So, are you excited about being 18? Do not be too happy about it. Being responsible is not so easy. But I know you will fit right in because you have always been a responsible kid. Happy birthday, kiddo! Just kidding! Happy birthday, Adult!
  • Maturity alert! As you turn 18, know it is more about others than you. You are freeing other from cleaning after you, and you will start taking care of others. Welcome to being an adult. Happy birthday!
  • Happy 18th birthday my darling! Go into the world and change it. Make it better with your personality. Remember, even if you turn 50, you will still be my little sunshine. So do not let adulthood get into your head.
  • Being 18 is fun. You finally get to make your own decisions. Just know that you are still not old enough to make certain decisions. So take it slow until you click 21. Happy birthday, dear; I am proud of you. Keep being you.
  • Being responsible always looked good on you. I am sure 18 will look equally as good. I wish you joy, happiness, and greatness. Above everything else, I wish you wisdom; that is what you need more. I love you.

happy 18th birthday

Funny Happy 18TH Birthday Wishes

  • You have finally joined the league of adults. I am so proud of you. Happy 18th birthday! I know you will enjoy this day and I will be right here to enjoy it with you.
  • Being an adult is not easy; at least not for many. But for you, it will be. You are a natural when it comes to acting maturely. I love you, and I wish you the best birthday.
  • As you turn 18, may you be greater, wiser, happier, and more excellent! I wish you many more years. The world is ready for you my dear. Happy birthday!
  • This is a perfect time for you to turn 18 years old. This house is ready for another adult; God knows we have been waiting. The world is also ready for the investment of your personality, mind, wisdom, and excellence. Happy 18th birthday!
  • You think being 18 is fun? Wait until you find out that you need to start thinking about others and act wiser. To put more effort in helping at home and so on. You will wish you were a minor. Welcome to being responsible.
  • Are there any illegal things that you have been doing behind your parent’s back? Well, now they are legal for you. How does it feel like to know this? Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday! At 18, you get to taste adulthood. Many people expect a lot from you, but I won’t be. You are a crazy kid and being 18 will not take that away from you. I am waiting for your 21st birthday but in the meantime, enjoy this one. With love!

happy 18th birthday

Crazy Happy 18TH Birthday Wishes

  • As you turn 18, I am convinced that the world is ready for your craziness. As many people welcome you to adulthood, I welcome you where you can let loose your craziness. It is a crazy world, and there is room for one crazier person. Happy 18th birthday!
  • Being 18 is wonderful. You have become an adult, but you will always be my little girl. Please do not bring me any grandchildren yet. I am still wrapping my head around you being an adult. I cannot deal with being a grandmother yet. Happy birthday my love!
  • There is a lot of great things about being 18. It is now legal for you to have a glass of wine, have a boyfriend, and go out. Can things get any better than this? Happy birthday my friend! It’s a joy to legally do all the crazy stuff you have wanted to do.
  • I know you have been waiting to turn 18 so that you can start doing crazy things. Let me remind you that we are still the parents. You still need to obey us. We promise not to be too much into your business. But we do not promise to care less about what you do. Happy 18th birthday and we love you a lot.
  • Now that you are 18, can we finally go out? Happy birthday lovely!
  • Do you know that turning 18 gives you the freedom to marry me? I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Even so, I will keep waiting for us to be ready. I love you!

happy 18th birthday

Special Happy 18th Birthday Wishes

  • Get your party dress ready, and get those heels ready because we are about to have a world of fun. What kind of a friend will I be if I do not take you out today? Is it the very first day of your adult life? Happy birthday my dear!
  • Happy birthday, child! Let no one scare you about adulthood. You still have a grace period to act like a child but do not overextend it. Happy 18th birthday and I love you.
  • It sucks being an adult so do not get too excited. It will bore you in no time. But before it does, I want you to enjoy this day. Laugh harder and make plans for your adulthood life. I love you so much kiddo!
  • Do you know that being an adult does not mean being uptight and way too serious? It just means being more responsible. Therefore, do not try to change your personality because you are amazing. Maturity has nothing to do with your personality but it definitely has to do with your decisions. 
  • Happy birthday my dear! Say goodbye to childish ways because there is no room for that anymore. Just kidding; do not take 18 so seriously. Life is never that serious. Have a blast in this new age.
  • Do you believe that you have lived for 18 years on this earth? This is awesome. Happy 18th birthday my friend. When you turn 36, we will celebrate your second 18th birthday. So Cheers to many more 18th birthdays!
  • I tend to think that turning in to an adult is an achievement. Therefore, as you make this achievement, I wish you many more. It will give us a chance to celebrate more often. A happy 18th birthday full of love!

happy 18th birthday

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes For Him
  • Welcome to the age where you start making decisions. You can make dumb decisions but do not. Your parents will kill you. But just know that you will learn from every decision you will make whether it will work for you or against you. Happy 18th birthday!
  • Happy birthday my love! May this new age be a blessing to you and more happiness! You have always been very responsible, and that is why I fell in love with you. The world will be happy to have one more adult. I love you.
  • I thought responsible, yet fun guys like you only existed in soap opera for a long time. After meeting you, I realized guys like you truly exist. So cheers to many more years, my love. Being responsible is the least of my worries because you are a natural. Happy 18th birthday!
  • I am a lucky girl to have you in my life. As you turn 18 years old today, I wish you more joy. I wish you laughter, greatness, wisdom, excellence, and everything good. I thank God for you. I cannot wait to see how good you will be at being a responsible adult.

happy 18th birthday

18th Birthday Wishes For Her
  • Hello sweetheart! Your 18th birthday is here. Ergo, welcome to adulthood! Let me treat you to lunch because I want you to tell me how it feels like to know you are now of legal age to make decisions. I love you.
  • To my sunshine! You are a lovely lady and the best girl I have ever known. As you turn 18, I can only promise that it will get better. Adulthood is more fun and more responsibility. But I know you will be okay. I love you.
  • Happy 18th birthday lovely! You deserve the best things that life has to give. Welcome to adulthood. You will love it.
  • Happy 18th birthday girl! Do not be scared of life because I will always be here for you. I will celebrate each birthday with you. I will hold your hand as you walk through life. I love you!
  • How did I get to be so lucky in life? I look at you, and I know I am blessed. As you celebrate your 18th birthday, I celebrate it with more joy. Without this day, you would not be here with me. I love you!With these birthday wishes, you can warm the hearts of your loved ones and show them that you care! So use these quotes now to make that special someone smile!


Happy 18th Birthday Wishes For Brother
  • Not sure I ever really understand half the jokes you make, but I certainly understand why you tell them! Love you, bro! Happy Birthday
  • Happy Birthday to my beautiful brother, try not to break too many hearts this year!
  • Happy Birthday! How many candles are we going to need again?
  • You should always be thankful for the gifts you receive, even if it’s just a fiver. Happy Birthday!
  • Why do mum and dad always get you better stuff? Happy Birthday, from your very suspicious brother.
  • Happy Birthday! Remember: what happens at the birthday party stays at the birthday party
  • Happy Birthday, Bro! You’re the best, don’t forget that! Well, second best, but that’s close enough!
  • Get used to the volume of birthday wishes, every year they are bound to lessen more and more! Happy Birthday to my overly popular brother!
  • To my dearest brother, we may have fought, and argued over the years, constantly jostling for position, today, however, the only thing I want to fight you for is the right to pay the bill. Love you and Happy Birthday.
  • I might have missed last year but I promised I would make this one, you are the most important person in the world to me and I promise to always be by your side when you need me. Happy Birthday.


Happy 18th Birthday Wishes For Sister



  • Today my little sister became older. I wish you to stay always happy and optimistic and save your childish spontaneity forever. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday to my wonderful sister! I can’t imagine my life without you; we are the parts of one soul. Be happy, I love you.
  • In this ocean of life, I will get lost without you, continue being my guiding star. Happy birthday, beautiful!
  • There are so many wonderful words to tell you, but none of them will express the depth of my love for you. You are a gift from God. Happy birthday!
  • We quarrel, we have different opinions on the same issues, we do not see each other for years, but still you are the closest person to enjoy your day, happy birthday!
  • I am the luckiest brother on Earth because I have the best sister! Happy birthday!
  • You are not only my big sister, but you are also my friend and a partner in life, who will always help and give a good tip. Happy birthday, my sweet sister.
  • We are two sisters and we are as different as day and night, but nevertheless, you are the best sister I could ever dream about. Happy birthday.
  • We were born on the same day and since our birthday we’ve had one heart for two, many years have passed and nothing has changed. You are my second half, happy birthday!
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