Funny Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend – Birthday Wishes For My Boyfriend

Birthday Wishes

Funny Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

People talk and do, they speak and act, they express themselves and then take the initiative, but that’s a sequence of events, right? So, let’s clarify since the beginning that words and actions are two completely different things! That is to explain that, on your boyfriend’s birthday, you can easily find some good birthday wishes for him, but you will have to plan out something interesting that will surprise him & make your bond even stronger as well.
We couldn’t possibly help you with the latter, but you know who’s the expert on Birthday Wishes, right? This compilation of Funny Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend includes funny, sexy, tender and, of course, smart wishes that will bring you closer. Even if you don’t use them as they are (which we definitely recommend), here are some brilliant ideas that you can incorporate in your happy birthday messages.


Funny Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

  • My sweet boyfriend, you’re going to need a lot of help blowing out your candles this year.
  • Congrats on becoming another year old but not wiser. It’s a good thing you have good looks. Happy Birthday.
  • Here is a sweet birthday wish from your rotten girlfriend. Love you always. Happy Birthday.
  • You should be smiling on your birthday, Honey! The more birthdays you have, the longer you’ll live.
  • To the birthday boy, you’re getting up there in age. Don’t spend too much time counting your candles or you’ll get dizzy.
  • I hope you’re feeling gracious on your birthday, it’s better to be alive than 6 feet under. Happy Birthday to you.
  • Happy birthday, honey. I’ll stick around forever…or at least until you stop looking younger than your true age. Stay sexy!
  • I can’t find the cake underneath all these candles! Happy Birthday, old man.
  • Remember, it’s not that you’re older than me, you’re just a little more experienced. Happy birthday from your girlfriend!
  • Congratulations on your 10,950th days alive. Happy 30th Birthday, Sweetie!
  • Dear boyfriend, if you really love me, you’d be happy to use your one birthday wish on me. Have a great birthday!
  • You’re a lucky birthday boy to have a girlfriend like me. Happy Birthday to you.
  • I’m a jealous girlfriend. You’d better not accept any Happy Birthdays unless they are coming from me.My sweet boyfriend, you are kind, caring, thoughtful, and very attentive. Sorry…I thought today was opposite day! Happy Birthday!
  • You always tell me to spend less money. Well, I’ve decided to take your advice. It is reflected in the birthday gift I bought you.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

  • I have a very talented boyfriend. Swallowing burgers whole is one of your many natural gifts. So I know that this birthday cake doesn’t stand a chance. Enjoy your birthday!
  • Loving you is not always easy, but eating this birthday cake will be. Wishing you a great birthday!
  • Birthday presents are overrated. I got you hugs & kisses instead. Happy Birthday!
  • Sweetie, you are too hot to handle. I hope you enjoy being tied up and locked up for your birthday because I am just not willing to share.
  • I am so glad to have a sweet boyfriend who is not concerned with material things. That’s why I kept your birthday budget low. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday, Baby! Today you have one more wrinkle to hate.
  • Cleaning up after you, putting out your clothes, and making sure you get to work on time is the story of my life. Loving you has equipped me to be an awesome mother someday. Have a wonderful birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, Sexy! I feel so lucky to have a boyfriend who is almost as good looking as me.
  • Don’t enjoy too much of your birthday cake. We all know that the older you get, the harder it is to lose those pounds.
  • Honey, I know you’re 30 going on 16 but it’s time to start acting your age! Happy Birthday!
  • Have a great birthday. You know you’re getting old when you can’t party like you used to.
  • Dear Boyfriend, I wanted to get you something special for your birthday but you already have the best gift ever… ME!
  • Here’s to another year of loving you despite your smelly farts and your dry sense of humor. Have a fantastic birthday!
  • Cheers to getting old but not looking your age! Happy Birthday, Honey.

Sweet Birthday Wishes For Your Boyfriend

  • My dearest boyfriend, it means a lot to share in your birthday celebration. I am so grateful for your life and commitment to our relationship. Have a blessed birthday.
  • Happy birthday, my boyfriend. If I could give you the world, I would do it in a heartbeat.
  • You bring so much light to my life. You complete me in every way. I hope your birthday is a special one.
  • Let’s make this a day you’ll never forget. Happy birthday to my one and only.
  • You deserve all the happiness in the world for your birthday. Enjoy your day.
  • Age really doesn’t matter when you have so much heart to give and personality to give.
  • Trust me when I say that my love for you will never run out of fuel. Have a great birthday.
  • I’m determined to make your birthday all about you. Wishing you love and happiness.
  • Happy birthday, my love. If you ever feel unwanted, just know that I’m thinking of you all day every day.
  • Love you forever. Nothing compares to the way you make me feel. Wishing you lot of sweet birthday wishes today.
  • You are a great boyfriend and an even greater friend. I hope you never lose your amazing qualities. Stay amazing and enjoy your birthday.
  • You are the perfect hybrid of smart and funny. There’s never a dull moment with you. Happy Birthday, from your girlfriend.
  • I never know true romance until I met you. Let’s enjoy a romantic evening together as we celebrate your birthday.
  • Have the sweetest birthday ever! I love you forever.
  • I hope your birthday is filled with excitement. Make this day count!
  • Birthday cards and gifts are just not enough to show how much I love you. I hope to make this day amazing for you.


Sweet Birthday Wishes For Your Boyfriend

  • You are sweet. You are kind. And you are all mine. Happy Birthday, Honey!
  • The strongest force in the world is love. As long as we have love, we are sure to make it through the turbulence. Happy Birthday!
  • This occasion is so special. I couldn’t text you. I had to come over so that I can look you in the eyes and say, “Happy Birthday”.
  • Wow! You’re a year older and just as amazing as ever. Happy Birthday, from your girlfriend.
  • You are special in so many ways. I hope your birthday brings you happiness and sweet memories.
  • From my heart to yours, have a happy, happy birthday. May your every wish come true.
  • I saved all these wonderful birthday wishes for you. I hope you saved all the birthday kisses for me. Happy Birthday.
  • You may be a macho man, but your love is sweeter than ice cream! Happy Birthday to you.

Short Funny Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

  • Happy Birthday to my stud muffin. You’re all the man I need.
  • Happy Birthday to my one and only.
  • My boyfriend is awesome. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, Handsome! You rock my world!
  • Sweet hugs and kisses are coming your way. Happy Birthday!
  • Loving you is easy. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • Wishing my boyfriend a fun-filled birthday! Love you!

Cute Birthday Wishes for Your Boyfriend

  • My dear boyfriend, no matter how old you get, you’ll always be my Hercules. Have a great birthday, dear.
  • No matter how many years go by, you’ll always be my number one guy! Love you and happy birthday.
  • I’m in love with an amazing guy. You make life special. Happy Birthday, from your girlfriend.
  • Happy Birthday, baby! I love you more than you know.
  • No one makes me smile as easily and effortlessly as you do. Wishing you a wonderful birthday.
  • Who would have thought that I’d find a best friend in my boyfriend? Happy Birthday, dear!
  • My world revolves around you. Love always and happy birthday.
  • The best nights are when I’m home with you in cuddle mode. Wishing you a lovely birthday.
  • Wishing you warm and fuzzy feelings on your birthday. Enjoy every moment.
  • Risks are worth taking when they are taken with you. Life’s worth living when I’m living with you. Have a fantastic birthday, my fantastic boyfriend!
  • I hope you excited for my birthday kisses. Pucker up. I love you and always. Happy Birthday!
  • I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend. You rock my world! Happy Birthday to you, honey!
  • I need your love like a fat kid needs cake. Happy Birthday.
  • After all these years of dating, you still make me blush like a little school girl. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy birthday, birthday boy! Never leave my side. You mean the world to me.
  • Hearts go out to you on your beautiful birthday. May it be filled with love and happiness.


Romantic Birthday Wishes For My Boyfriend

  • Nights out on the town with you are always sweet and romantic. Tonight, I’m taking you out for a night to remember. Wishing you a memorable birthday experience.
  • You deserve the world on a silver platter for your birthday. But since I can’t give you that, I am giving you the sincerest of birthday wishes. From my heart to yours…Happy Birthday!
  • You are the greatest gift. But I will do my best to top it for your birthday. Wishing you sweet birthday wishes.
  • Look up and count the stars. That’s how many times in a day that I think of you. Happy Birthday to the best boyfriend in the world.
  • You make me the happiest girl alive. For your birthday, I hope to make you the happiest boy alive. Happy Birthday!
  • It’s inevitable. Every time I close my eyes, sweet thoughts of you come to mind. Love you always and happy birthday.
  • You might hope to change many things in your life. But I hope you will never wish to live life without me by your side. Happy Birthday.
  • To my dear boyfriend. I’m sure you have many amazing plans for your future. My prayer is that I am apart of those plans. I’ll always stand by you in love and full support. Happy Birthday!
Funny Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend
  • Dear Boyfriend, I’ve never met such a hardworking boyfriend. You put in long hard hours on the sofa and give so much of your efforts in sports watching. Keep up the good work, babe. Wishing you a happy birthday.
  • I have the hottest boyfriend in town. Thanks for making all the girls jealous. Happy Birthday, sexy!
  • Happy Birthday, Baby. I promise that if I get mad today, I won’t take it out on you. I’ll wait until tomorrow. Enjoy your special day.
  • Happy Birthday to the man who makes my blood pressure rise. Love you always!
  • Congrats, babe! You’re officially too old to count all the candles on your birthday cake.
  • You may be a manly man, but you are as sweet as can be. Have a great birthday!
  • My dear boyfriend: I know you love to stunt in front of your friends. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone that you’re really a mommy’s boy. Happy Birthday!
  • They say it’s the thought that counts. So I thought I’d save my money instead of buying you a gift. Best wishes, happy birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, my dear. Tonight, let’s do a role reversal…I’ll be the designated driver for once and you can be the sloppy drunk.
  • Happy Birthday, Baby! Being your girlfriend rocks. Except on your birthday because you have expensive taste.
  • Forget about your age. Just have fun! It will catch up with you later when you find that your body can’t handle your lifestyle. Enjoy your wonderful birthday!
  • Have a great birthday! I hope this year you will reach your fullest potential…if only you would get off the couch.
  • Happy Birthday to my cuddle buddy…except when it’s my time of the month. Then DON’T touch me!
Funny Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend
  • I’m not clingy, I just never want to let you out of my sight…ever! Have a happy birthday, dear!
  • I realized my boyfriend’s prettier than me because he takes twice as long to get ready in the morning. How is that possible? Happy Birthday, pretty boy!
  • Happy birthday from your last and only girlfriend!
  • Each kiss I give you represents the many reasons why I love you. Happy birthday, baby!
  • You are crazy sexy and that’s why I can’t keep my hands off you. Happy birthday, sweetie.
  • Happy birthday to the man with the craziest girlfriend. I’m crazy about you!
  • I would just like to wish a happy birthday to the most amazing boyfriend ever! You make my life complete.
  • You get one birthday wish so use it wisely. I’ll do my best to make your wish come true. Happy Birthday to you.
  • What would I do without you? You hold me together. You are the better half of me. Happy birthday, baby.
  • You are the best boyfriend I’ve ever had and I hope you’ll be the last. Loving you always, happy birthday.
  • I am more than lucky to have you in my life. You make every day more special than the last. I hope your birthday is special and one you’ll never forget.
  • My boyfriend, you work hard all year round. Time for a little birthday fun with your one and only sweetheart.
  • Have a very happy birthday from the most grateful girlfriend on the planet. I love you more than you know.
  • My boyfriend, your future is brighter than the rising sun. I wish to be a part of it forever. Happy birthday, my love.




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