100 Funniest Avenger Memes

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The Russo Brothers have officially lifted the Avengers images spoiler ban, so we feel like we can have a little bit more fun with the memes we’re posting. Many fans have expressed feelings of sadness, confusion regarding much of the film’s dramatic plot. These memes, which are FILLED WITH SPOILERS, reflect our depression and all the questions we have. If only we could turn back time and pick different directors.

Millions of movie watchers all across the world have a reason to rejoice this April. A lot of people queued up outside theaters early morning to catch the first show premiere of the 22nd film in the superhero franchise, Avengers: Endgame, which released today. While many were lucky to pre-book the tickets, some weren’t lucky enough and are trying hard to now save themselves from the spoilers on the internet!
As fans agree, the biggest enemy for the superhero cult is not Thanos but the trolls trying to do away with the fun by spoiling the plot, just like the last time when a few scenes got leaked online! If you are just as excited and cannot keep calm about the movie, we are sure you would love scrolling through these Avengers memes! Remember, they are spoiler free!


Avengers Images

When My therapist asks me what’s wrong
When You’re Skipping School and run into one of your teachers in the store
You took everything from me


I like your pants
Avenger Memes
Run out of formats
Friends: how can you sleep or fast?


When you ignore someone to get their attention and they end not caring and all never talk again
Did you make it LWIAY?



Instagram normies be like:


Me winning first place on my project at the science fair