100 Crazy American Memes

THE Crazy American Memes follows the journeys of four shocking social media.Make sure to share with your fellow American and don’t forget to laugh.


what if i told you… everyone bron in america is a “Native” american
Donald trump is doing for american greatness what the emperor nero did for urban renewal
so you’re against immigration? splendid! when do you leave?
American memes european menes


us government: area 51 unit is off limits 1 mil+ suicidal millennials:


Moderate European that loosely followa american politics


doesn’t believe in slavery still does his job
Forwards me crazy republican propaganda emails all day long
if you had 95 million dollars what would be the main thing you want to buy first
they were giving away covenant toys with there happy meals..
here in america we’re better than you. and we know it!


i m east african…………..Yeeeee
Menes about the superbowl
Obama: joe, you ever get tried of being in these memes?


oh yeah! More thrust….. More thrust
Oh you’re 2% Native american?
oh,you’re devastated because you were just voted off?


oh you watch american dad? good for you
100 Crazy American Memes
only in america
on trade
our nation… is now home to aliens who have broken our law and broken


Personally know two gods still believes there’s only one god
Potter,that’s 10 point Added to you frequent flyer account
Problem solving
Proving american military dogs bite harder than they bite
Put the american flag on clothing like skimpy bikinis and no one







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