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Birthday Wishes

Nothing says “I love you” to your significant other better than the best birthday wishes for lover. You can always express exactly how you feel and what you wish for them to make them feel special and important on their special day. We often confine ourselves to just cake, gifts and dinner.

Sometimes we completely forget to add a wish for our loved ones. And when we do come up with a wish we make sure it is the best one possible. Here are some different kinds of best birthday wishes for a lover.


Emotional Birthday Wishes for Lover:


  • Best birthday wishes for lover who turned my dark lonely life into something full of hope, light, and love. You bring out the best in me and have made me aware of qualities that I did not know that I possess. Just when I’m about to give up on life your thought comes to my head and inspires me to apply myself and work hard for us. Thank you.

  • You’re the peanut butter to my jelly, the Robin to my Batman, the Iniesta to my Xavi. You complete me. You are the reason I am. We make a wonderful team and we have proven so many people wrong about us. I hope you have a delightful birthday and all your hopes and dreams come true. You are everything. 

  • Happiest best birthday wishes for lover to the best person I have ever known! You are incredible in every aspect and I can’t survive a day without you. You have been there for me in the best of times and in the worst of times. I will never forget that and all your efforts towards me will never go to waste. You are everything special about me.

  • I cry for you every time I am on my knees praying because of how thankful I am for you. Just imagine how much I want you because I cry when you are teary, I sing for you regardless of me not knowing how to. Sometimes life is dark but never forget the night is darkest just before the dawn. So keep your chin up, smile and remember who you are. Praying your birthday is perfect!

  • I know that sometimes we don’t understand each other and we fight. But that will never change how much I love you and how much you mean to me


Best Birthday Wishes for Lover


Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Lover:

  • Happy birthday to the man who stole my heart. You are an amazing person and I love spending every second I have with you. I have given you my love and my heart as you have given to me and I trust you to keep it safe as you have kept mine. 

  • There’s something nostalgic about you. Our hearts and souls have been friends for a long time and we were unaware. Now that we are aware, I love it. I have known you through space and time and I wish to know you forever. Happy birthday, my great love.

  • You are my love, you are my life. Always stay and always be with me. We make a great team and I can’t afford to lose you. Happy birthday! I hope I can make your day as special as possible.

  • Happy birthday to my heart and soul. I love you beyond belief and will do forever. Never change and always remember who you are. A happy, smart, loving and caring person. You inspire me!

  • Wish my love a happy birthday. May God grant you all that you wish for and shower his blessings upon you. I am thankful for you each day and I hope it stays that way for eternity.

  • Happy birthday! It’s difficult to describe you but I will try. A Van Gogh painting of a woman you are. A real and true work of art. I stand at your canvas hoping I can add to your perfection or make you see it. I love the way you exist in this messed up world. You are incredible.


Best Birthday Wishes for Lover


Funny Birthday Wishes for Lover:

  • Happy birthday to the silly man who makes laugh more than anything. You make jokes to annoy and tease me, you fart and pick your nose to mess with me, you prank call me from work and I laugh for hours. Thank you for being such a gem.

  • You’re getting old and I’ll still love you when you lose your hair, gain weight and look like a pumpkin. Till then I leave you with this birthday wish. Smile! 

  • I hope time slows down for you so I can cherish you more before we become wrinkly and smell funny. Another year, another birthday wish for you. Stop growing!

  • It’s amazing how long we’ve been together. I’m the same but you are turning into a grandma. You know I just tease. Happy birthday, a partner in crime!

  • Happy birthday, baby! Do you know how much I love you so how about we just get straight into the cake and leave the sappy stuff for later? Love you!

  • I know you’ve been around since dinosaurs existed but that shouldn’t make you feel too old. At least your heart is young enough to love me the way you do. Age is just a number and on your birthday you should feel fresh. I wish you a happy one even though you can be a grump sometimes. 

  • Age is just a number but in your case, it just seems to keep growing. You’re getting old but no matter what age you are, I will always be by your side and cherish you in ways that you have never even thought of. I like the way you breathe. Stay with me always. Happy Birthday, I love you.


Best Birthday Wishes for Lover


Romantic Birthday Wishes for Lover:

  • Your hand in mine. Talk to me in your words. My breath is yours. May we get lost in each other along the way. Happy birthday my love!

  • I wake up in your love, I win after losing to you, you get upset and I bring you back to me by humming. You are my love, you are my spring’s day, you’re here and I’m at peace when you’re not I’m sad, baby tells me what more you wanna hear. I love you. Happy birthday!

  • Happy birthday! Since I have seen you, I have only cared to look at you. There is no one better than you and no one more Beautiful You’s mine all mine. 

  • I laugh every time I see you. I’ve changed in strange ways these days. My eyes look for you everywhere. Is this me or someone else like me? How did you become so important? You are a necessity and on your birthday I want you to know all of this. You mesmerize me every single second.

  • Happy Birthday my beautiful girl! Nights and mornings in different places, loneliness followed me everywhere but you have changed that in me. You make me feel so loved and adored. I search for you everywhere and will continue to do so always.

  • Every day I become yours even more. I smile even more. I live even more. You make me feel like anything is possible and I know I can never be happy without you. I wish you have the best birthday wishes for lover you have always dreamed of and I pray I can be a part of them for as long as you want me around. You are my heart and soul.


    Best Birthday Wishes for Lover


Impressive Birthday Wishes for Lover:

  • Happy birthday to the person who changed me completely. I never understood what the rain was saying and never listened to the winds. I didn’t even know that I have a heart in my chest. Nights one place and days another, loneliness followed me everywhere but your eyes ask me to stay. How did you become so necessary? I’m glad I have you.

  • Every breath you take puts life in me. those eyes are as bright as the soul of an angel. You make me compete with myself every day to win you over. I adore who you are and who you choose to be. You’re a pure human being who deserves nothing but love and respect. Happy birthday. I hope you get everything you desire.

  • Wishing you a lovely birthday to you! You’re my forever and always and I know I have let you down so many times yet sou still forgives me and always hold me close when I start to go bad. You bring me joy and hope and I just can’t thank you enough.I promise to be better at this and I promise to cherish you like it’s your birthday every day of the year.

  • You’re my best friend, my love and my teammate for life. I can’t imagine a world without you. Wishing you a delightful birthday full of love and joy. Take care!


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