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If you’ve always idolized Batman as your childhood hero, you’ll definitely enjoy our awesome list of Batman Quotes. Batman is a mysterious person with deep depths, an iron determination, and a mission. Find out which Batman quotes you can identify with.

Cartoon characters have been the famous characters since ages and kids are kinda obsessed with every new emerging character. Some super heroes have a special soft corner and cannot be replaced by any thing else that is new or old. There are a lot of super hero characters like Batman, Superman, Spiderman etc that are not only irreplaceable but also the most demanded and most famous characters. It is not only the kids that can not escape from the spell of these super heroes but also the adults are crazy about them and we have seen people going gaga over them.

Getting their favorite super hero customized shirt, tattoo, school stuff and even undergarments are their priorities. The most inspiring which is kind of serious character and maturity is his character is Batman and we have uploaded some Batman quotes below for you to enjoy your spare time. Happy reading!

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Batman Quotes

  1. “The world doesn’t make sense until you force it to.”
    ― Frank Miller
  1. “Enough madness? Enough? And how do you measure madness? – The Joker”
    ― Grant Morrison, Batman: Arkham Asylum
  1. “If I have to have the past, then I prefer it to be multiple choice.”
    ― Alan Moore, Batman: The Killing Joke
  1. “I run blindly through the madhouse … And I cannot even pray … For I have no God.”
    ― Grant Morrison, Batman: Arkham Asylum – A Serious House on Serious Earth
  1. “I’m the goddamn Batman.”
    ― Frank Miller, All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder, Vol. 1
  1. “I offered them Utopia, but they fought for the right to live in Hell.”
    ― Mark Millar, Superman: Red Son
  1. “Ladies. Gentlemen. You have eaten well. You’ve eaten Gotham’s wealth. It’s spirit. Your feast is nearly over. From this moment on…none of you are safe.”
    ― Frank Miller, Batman: Year One
  1. “How can two people hate so much without knowing each other?”
    ― Alan Moore, Batman: The Killing Joke
  1. “Harvey Dent: You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”
    ― Harvey Dent
  1. “If you need to stop an asteroid, you call Superman. If you need to solve a mystery, you call Batman. But if you need to end a war, you call Wonder Woman.”
    ― Gail Simone












Famous Batman Quotes

  1. “Laugh and the world laughs with you!”
    ― Grant Morrison
  1. “A gun is a liar’s weapon”
    ― Frank Miller
  1. “Then I reminded myself that all intelligent children suffer bad dreams.”
    ― Grant Morrison, Batman: Arkham Asylum – A Serious House on Serious Earth
  1. “Alfred: Hmf. I suppose you’ll take up flying next, like that fellow in Metropolis.”
    ― Frank Miller, Batman: Year One
  1. “The American conscience died with the Kennedys.”
    ― Frank Miller, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
  1. “Einstein was wrong! I” M the speed of like CRACKING through shivery rainbows and GOD the sky whirls and withers like a melting RAINBOW!”
    ― Batman: Arkham Asylum – A Serious House on Serious Earth
  1. “Seven actors have played Batman on the big screen, and if you can name all seven without reading any further, your youth has been wasted.”
    ― Supergods: What Masked Vigilantes, Miraculous Mutants, and a Sun God from Smallville Can Teach Us About Being Human
  1. “I always knew it would come down to you and the big blue school boy. This Planet’s too big for the BOTH of you. When it all comes down, I want a piece of him. A small piece, will do? For OLD TIMES, sake, you still hurts when it’s cold.”
    ― Frank Miller
  1. “Batman is easily my most favorite character besides Spawn.”
    ― Todd McFarlane
  1. “It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you.”
    ― Batman Begins








Few more Batman Quotes
  1. “The rich. You know why they’re so odd? Because they can afford to be.”
    ― Batman (1989)
  1. “It’s not who we are underneath,
    but what we do that defines us.”
    ― Batman Begins
  1. “Why do we fall?
    So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.”
    ― Batman Begins
  1. “Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moonlight?”
    ― Joker
  1. “I always claimed I became the Batman to fight crime. That was a lie. I did it to overcome the fear.”
    ― Jim Starlin, Batman: The Cult
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